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Mar 31, 2011 07:11 AM

Easy Recipes

Do to my wife's work schedules changing, I now have to make dinner every night. I have no cooking skills at all but an tired of over priced kosher takeout, hot dogs and Waci Mac. I need some easy recipes that are kosher, quick, healthy and cheap. Any Ideas?

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  1. what do you like, chicken, fish, eggs....?

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      chicken eggs or fish are fine.

      1. re: mrmoose

        Google Rachel Ray of the food channel. Her thirty minute recipes are good and easy to follow. The chicken and fish recipes are easily convertible to kosher. I have found that if you follow recipes cooking skills, as our mothers had, are not necessary.

        1. re: jeffrosenbaum

          I will try that even though she annoys me....

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          Salmon is very easy and very forgiving. Just bake it. I like to put mango chutney on it (from a jar) and then have it over Near East rice. Or you can do salt, pepper, lemon juice and thyme (or some other herb).

          Rachel Ray might be annoying, but her recipes are very easy.

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            very often I take flattened chicken cutlets sprinkle them with paprika and dill weed (not thefresh dill) spray them with some pan and broil it for a few minutes and then switch to bake till they're cooked. Sometimes I'll top it with maranara sauce after it's cooked an broil it for another couple of minutes for a variation

        3. Tonight:

          Pasta with fresh salmon, (or with leftover meat or fish). Use 1/3 lb fresh salmon for 2 people.

          Heat water for ziti or similar pasta. This recipe is for 2 but it multiplies to the size of your family. Open a jar of marinara sauce or make a quick marinara sauce from a good brand of boxed or canned tomatoes and an onion. (use 14 oz. tomatoes and one small onion for two people)

          Slice salmon into strips ~1/3" thick as you cut it from the skin. Toss together with marinara and cooked ziti. It will begin to turn opaque very quickly.

          Wehn it turns opaque quickly toss in 1 bag baby spinach, and toss until spinach is thoroughly coated. it will wilt even as you are transferring the meal onto plates (use pasta bowls if you have them.) Grind fresh pepper over each serving. Use 1 bag spinach for every 2 servings. It is the wonderful way spinach tastes when it is hot but not really cooked that makes this special.

          You can do the same recipe and toss in some shredded cheese instead. But you have to use fresh, baby spinach.

          It reheats well for lunch in the office microwave the day after.

          Then, rush out and buy yourself a copy of "How to Cook Everything" by Mark Bittman.

          This is the Bible on how to eat well without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Just skip the recipes with chazer.

          1. easy? cut chicken cutlets into cubes and saute with oil, soy sauce minced garlic and chopped scallions (you can add an egg as well). Buy a frozen package of the rice steamers (there is a wild rice one with veggies) stick the steamer in the microwave for 4 minutes. Add the rice to the pan with the chicken and you have pretty easy chicken fried rice - this takes about 10 minutes.

            1. I would also consider investing in a crock pot many great dishes you can prep in the morning and come home to a hot meal - and with disposable bag liners clean up is a snap

              1. Some very easy recipes my wife uses (we both work a lot) are 1) taking chicken cutlets and letting them baste in a store bought sauce (jerk, lemon pepper, garlic) in the refrigerator while at work and then cooking them on the george foreman for dinner; 2) Taking chicken pieces, pouring bbq sauce on them and baking in the oven; 3) Shake n' bake. Near east couscouses always work as a good side. To echo other postings here, while I also don't cook much, what limited skills I have come from practice so following a few easy recipes (Quick and Kosher) may also do well.

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                  These are good ideas I am gonna try salmon next week. Thinking about it, rotesierie chicken is cheap enough (I think one place has a whole chicken $8.99 with a side) that It doesn't make sense to cook any kind of easy whole chicken recipe