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Solo dining (at bar?) near Andaz Hotel by Liverpool Station

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I'm traveling in London on business, and can't venture too far from my hotel (the Andaz on Liverpool) tonight. Is there any place where I can park myself at the bar or lounge and have a few drinks and eat a good meal? Are any of the restaurants in the Andaz decent? I'm traveling from NYC.

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  1. I work in the area and am struggling to think of a lounge/bar immediately nearby with great food. Around that area people go out more for quick after-work drinks in a crowded pub. But for a casual restaurant that serves very well regarded food, check out St John's Bread and Wine.

    1. I also work in the area and mainly agree with deansa.

      I haven't been but The Princess of Shoreditch pub is within walking distance as well. Good food with a pub atmosphere.