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Mar 31, 2011 06:49 AM


Please recommend good places to eat . We'll be there during the Easter weekend. Thank you!

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  1. As one who asked about dining in Strasbourg and ended up eating a picnic on the train back to Paris, I couldn't help you much. But, were you to search above with "Strasbourg," you would find six threads on the subject. In brief, these say that without a car you have slim to no chance of an outstanding meal (define "outstanding" as you might) and consider "good pklaces to eat in Strasbourg" as a possible oxymoron. Sorry to be cynical, but I have been there, plan to go again, and I have watched this board in hopes of new information.

    Try reading those six threads and rephrasing your question.

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    1. I had plans there which I had to cancel, but when I was looking at it on viamichelin there were a number of michelin 1 star restaurants in the center. Couldnt be too bad, no?

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      1. If you are thinking about Au Crocodile, you might care to do a search on this board about the place.

        There good places in the surrounding area, which you no doubt read about with your searches. There just doesn't seem to be much if you are without a car.

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          No,no car....I'm sure we'll find something good : meat and potatoes (and plenty of lard) ,how can a girl go wrong ; )

        2. Easter w/e is always tricky becos places are either closed or booked solid, but you'll have a great time anyway and it's looking at its best at the moment, spring having just sprung with a vengeance. To the other places I mentioned in earlier posts (Chut, Umami, L'Atelier du Goût) I'd add the Relais de la Poste in La Wantzenau (modern Alsace, good value lunch menu, pricey otherwise) and La Cambuse (young woman chef, fish, Asian-inspired), both of which just got their first Michelin star (tho everyone nowadays does a moue at the mention of Michelin); also Terre à Vins en Ville just off Place Gutenberg, a great little wine bar with nibbles that's worth looking in on. And if you want a Winstub (gotta have one while in S'bourg) I like the Heilig Grab aka le Saint Sepulcre, just off the cathedral square (where as others have mentioned, you should give the Maison Kammerzell a wide berth) and Le Clou - classic Alsace stuff like tarte à l'oignon, foie gras, choucroutey things). Mélanie Pfister, talented young winegrower in Dahlenheim, in the Couronne d'Or vineyards just west of Strasbourg (get the interurbain bus out there and have a tasting at hers) recommends Au Pont Corbeau and also La Vignette in Robertsau.

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            Thank you , thank you , thank you !!!!!

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              Hi Sue Style,

              We were in Strasbourg last September and loved your recommendations at L'Atelier du Gout and Chut. Thank you! We are looking forward to trying your recent recommendations when we visit again in June. We wondered if you could recommend any good bakeries, cheese, delicatessens and produce shops for picnic lunches etc.? Thanks Again