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Mar 31, 2011 06:48 AM

Easter Brunch, Center City?

I'm looking for a spot for Easter Brunch in Center City (will be seeing a performance at the Kimmel Center later that day and would like to park once). My partner and I are vegetarian (we do eat dairy / eggs, but no fish / seafood). My first thoughts were Lacriox or Fountain. Looking at Lacriox's menu, I didn't see a whole lot we would eat. Many of the entrees that caught my eye at first glance were meat-ified (e.g. gnocchi with escargot & chicken skin, mac&cheese w/ pepperoni, smoked egg w/ veal), so I'm sadly thinking that might not be a good spot for us. I can't seem to find a sample menu of Fountain's brunch online. I'm more than happy to shell out for good quality, but not if we won't have enough options to get our money's worth. Given the holiday, I'm eager to try something new / 'special'. Help?

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  1. Mi Lah Vegetarian on 16th Street serves brunch. Do not know if they are open for Easter or not. You will have a whole menu to choose from and can easily park convenient for both the Kimmel and the restaurant.

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      Thanks! We've been there for dinner, but I'd completely forgotten that they have a brunch menu.

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        My wife is a vegetarian also and has always been presented with a very nice custom food choice if there is nothing appealing on the menu at the Fountain. Also as you know it does offer a very special-day feel. Just a short pleasant 10 minute walk on a nice day, remember those?

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          Thanks, Bacchus -- that is good to know! So, Fountain has a menu-brunch -- not a buffet? I think for this outing we'd prefer a nicer, veg-friendly buffet if we can find one, but I'm open to all suggestions. (And yes -- definitely looking forward to nicer days -- ugh!)

          1. re: spyturtle008

            The brunch at the Four Seasons is offered in the Swann Lounge, not in The Fountain Room. And while the menu says "buffet" if I remember correctly, you order everything off of the menu.


            1. re: Philly Ray

              Ah ha!! There's the sample menu I was looking for -- thanks, Philly Ray!!

              1. re: Philly Ray

                Last time I went it was a combination... there is a large buffet and then you order a main off of the menu...

                You can see the brunch selections as well was the menu here.


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                  Excellent -- I may be giving them a holler. And will definitely be checking out Mi Lah on another day.