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Mar 31, 2011 06:02 AM

Cava Tasting in Sant Sadurni

My wife and I were planning on taking the train from Barcelona to Sant Sadurni to do a half day or full day of cava tasting. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a winery or two to hit up for a tour and a couple of bodegas to taste some really exceptional cavas.


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  1. It was 10+/- years ago, but I went to Freixinet
    for a great tour. My favorite that we tried is one I can't get in the states (Brut Nature) and I look forward to tasting it on each return trip to Spain.

    Then we had THE MOST FANTASTIC lunch at Mirador de les Caves
    I can still tase the foie gras if I close my eyes. I hope the quality there is still the same - maybe someone who has been there a little more recently can vouch for it.

    Have fun!