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Mar 31, 2011 05:25 AM

Fort Payne, Alabama

anyone been to this area lately- looking for a place to stay and/or eat with a group

Can be close or near to Fort Payne-

Called Desoto Park but they have a 2 night minimum and we are looking for 1 night after baseball games

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    1. re: Ms. Finiky

      that would be great but we have 6 or 7 families that need rooms -some need 2

      1. re: hlsess


        There is a cmpground on the rim of little river canyon, perhaps give them a call...

    2. Eat at the Wildflower Cafe in Mentone.

      There aren't many places around there that will accept one day stays. Not sure of your budget but you might be able to find a large group cabin that is inexpensive enough to pay for two days and only stay one.

      I've used Mentone Cabins and like them a lot.

      Something like this will sleep a lot of people for about $550. Split between several families it might be worth it. You might need two cabins though.


      Wildflower Cafe
      6081 Al Highway 117, Mentone, AL 35984

      1. If you're going to be there with a baseball team, I assume there will be children with you. There is a Hampton Inn in Fort Payne that would be kid friendly and they offer free breakfast. As far as food, I've never seen anything there but a few chains, such as Ruby Tuesdays and Santa Fe Cattle Co. You might ask at the front desk for suggestion for local restaurants.

        Santa Fe Cattle Co
        4251 Courtney Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405