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Mar 31, 2011 12:48 AM

Ristorante Riviera Venezia

A page turns!
The wonderful "Ristorante Riviera" Monica Scarpa and Luca a has been sold.
Here (in Italian) little word goodbye owners.

"Carissimi clienti ed amici il ristorante riviera cambia proprietari, Monice e Luca hanno venduto.
due righe per ringraziare tutti quelli che ci hanno apprezzato e voluto bene in questi 12 anni.



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  1. I can't find any mention of the sale on the site you linked to, and I did look on the Italian, not English, site. There is no mention of the sale on the Riviera's own web site. We had planned to return there next month so I would really like to know if this is true.

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    1. re: alohatoall

      It is unfortunately true! I learned this in an email sent to the owners themselves to loyal customers.
      If you want confirmation you can send them an email info@ristoranteriviera.it
      It was my favorite restaurant on the Zattere, classy, ​​family, and very Italian!
      At the other end of the Zattere Lineadombra but it remains more expensive and not quite the same atmosphere. !

      Ponte dell'Umilta, Dorsoduro, 19, Venice, Veneto , IT

      1. re: divinecomedie

        One more word! The restaurant sold this does not mean it is permanently closed but the owners will change and I do not know if they will open in a month;

        1. re: divinecomedie

          will this mean a change in the kitchen?

          1. re: jen kalb

            Necessarily because Monica Scarpa was in the kitchen!

    2. Thank you, Divine. It was also one of our favorites in Venice -- we first went there in '93, long before Monica and Luca took over. I wonder if they'll stay in the business or take a deserved break???