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Mar 31, 2011 12:37 AM

Ossi di Seppia Florence

Anyone know about the restaurant Ossi di sepia and its chef Gionata Rossi?
It was opened in Florence in December 2010.

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  1. That's a really usual menu, but might be fun. Expensive though.

    1. Here's a blog post that seems to have some info as well as lots of pictures of the food (seems like the chef used to cook in viareggio)

      1. Yes, I had a fantastic meal there last month. Very modern space, creative menu. Worth going to.

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        1. re: minchilli

          Thank you for your answers!
          I booked in Ossi di Seppia for dinner on Easter Sunday (April 24)
          >minchilli Your blog is wonderful, especially the photos of Burano!

          1. re: divinecomedie

            Thanks! Let me know if you're coming to Rome. I'll have lots of suggestions.
            And I actually just ate my way through Florence last week, so have some other suggestions there if you are interested.

            1. re: minchilli

              Thanks again ! Not Rome this time ! Florence and Venice after !
              I've spotted some interesting Rome on your blog!
              For Venice I have my favorite places !

              1. re: divinecomedie

                Well, just in case....
                Florence: Osteria Personale was outstanding.
                Venice: Actually on Mazzorbo, Venissa. Very much worth a trip out to this beautiful island.

                Fondamena Santa Caterina 3, Isola di Mazzorbo, Venice, Veneto 30142, IT

                1. re: minchilli

                  I wanted to go to Osteria Io Personale for dinner on Easter Monday but will be closed.
                  I think a lunch at Osteria Io Personale ( Easter Sunday lunch) and the restaurant Ossi di Seppia (Easter diner) may do much ;-)
                  At Burano, I like Il Gatto Nero but I note your address in Mazzorbo.

                  1. re: divinecomedie

                    Had an amazing meal at Gatto Nero too. Much different from Venissa.

                    Via Castel Morrone, 10, Milan, Lombardia 20129, IT

                    Fondamena Santa Caterina 3, Isola di Mazzorbo, Venice, Veneto 30142, IT

                    1. re: divinecomedie

                      adding links

                      Gatto Nero da Ruggiero (Trattoria Al Gatto Nero)
                      Fondamenta della Giudecca,88, Venice, Veneto 30142, IT

                      Osteria Personale
                      Borgo San Frediano, 167r, Florence, Toscana , IT

                      Ossi di Seppia
                      Via di San Niccolo, 48, Florence, Toscana , IT

                2. re: minchilli

                  I'm heading to Venice, Florence Siena and Rome next month and would love to hear your suggestions!

                  1. re: abenedek

                    @abenedek, you will likely get more info if you ask your question on separate threads for your destinations

                3. re: divinecomedie

                  Thanks! And if you are going to Florence, I just posted a list of gelaterie.

                  1. re: minchilli

                    Io Osteria personale "Easter Menu" looks very interesting !

           iO April 24th 2011, since 12:30
                    Poached FREE-RANGE EGG with sweet bread, fava beans and ricotta cheese cream
                    SPELT with artichokes, cocoa beans and robiola cheese
                    LAMB with olive oil mashed potatoes and crunchy asparaguses
                    STRAWBERRY tartare with honey, black pepper and ricotta ice cream
                    € 45,0

                    I loved your article on" Gelato in Florence" !
                    The choice will be difficult ;-


                    Osteria Personale
                    Borgo San Frediano, 167r, Florence, Toscana , IT

                    1. re: divinecomedie

                      Osteria Personale Easter menu sounds fabulous. Reserve now!
                      And regarding gelato, the beauty is you don't have to choose. You can try them all. I did! :)