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Mar 30, 2011 11:18 PM

Roundabout Diner- meh

Waiting for someone to arrive at Portsmouth, and decided to stop in for the first time. Had the "Blue Plate Special of good mashed potatoes, gluey gravy, very dry white meat turkey, and stuffing far worse than Stove Top.

Coffe was burnt and undrinkable.

Had the Phantom Gourmet "Best" banana cream pie. Must be advertising with the Andelman morons. Certainly not bad, but weird. Both meringue and canned whipped cream. Very small portion.

Maybe will give it another chance for breakfast, or caught it on an off day.

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  1. Was there once, had a disgusting rueben with 1 thick fatty slice of corned beef. Spouse had the chili, after tasting, asked what the heck was in it. The reply was bbq sauce. Never went back.

    1. Wow, really? Just goes to show you can't believe just any review of a restaurant...after reading the hype I was looking forward to checking the place out. Not that I will never go, but I won't be making a special trip out there. Funny you mention trying breakfast instead...that was my thought after my first trip to the Red Arrow for dinner. My husband and I both assumed the reason our food wasn't that great was because they probably only do breakfast food well...

      as far as the chili, I'm not surprised about the BBQ sauce in there, NH has quite a unique taste for chili...very sweet and sour, not necessarily spicy or meaty. I'm confused by it.

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        I know what you mean. I am always amazed about how little effort goes into making a meal a little better than mediocre. This place will either live or die by its food. It is in the middle of a row of cheap motels in a part of Portsmouth that has as much charm as the city dump. Location can be great though. Huge number of cars going by.

      2. Take the Andelman morons with a grain of salt..They think The Common Man have 'dishes worth driving to' which pretty much sums it up