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Mar 30, 2011 10:21 PM

La Fin Du Monde

French Canadian beer from Quebec's Unibroue. Any one else here enjoy it as much as I? It isn't carried at all LCBO's (Ontario's only liquor source, government run), and when I try ordering it at my local one, they always seem to mess up the order. Took them 5 weeks for them to get me six, ordered twelve.

Hopefully this next order will go smoother.

So for those who have tried it, thoughts? Recommendations on similar style beers to try?

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  1. I think it's a nice beer, heavily leaning towards the tripel style. If you can get any of the well-regarded Belgian tripels you should definitely start there (i.e. Westmalle, St. Bernardus). You may even enjoy them more than the La Fin Du Monde; it's worth a shot, especially if they are easier to obtain.

    1. Unibrou makes fantastic belgian style ales. Blanche de chambly and trois pistoles and maudite are also very good.

      1. I often find Unibroue's beers, while very good, to be a little less refined than their Belgian cousins. La Fin du Monde isn't quite as complex as most Tripels as well. It is, as with Unibroue in general, a great deal.

        I'd recommend Maredsous 10. Westmalle Tripel is also great beer.

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          Also, tripel karmeliet, gouden caroulus, chimay white and allagash curieux

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            I love LFDM and all of Unibroue's great products. I buy them at the Beer Store. I hate counting on the gov't for anything...especially the LCBO who DON"T get customer service!