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Mar 30, 2011 09:54 PM

This Sunday in Amsterdam - breakfast/brunch/lunch near(ish) Van Gogh Museum

I'll be arriving at 6 am from JFK, picking up a car at Schipol, and am planning to spend the day in/near the Museumplein before heading to Heerenveen area for a few days of work.

Would appreciate suggestions of informal places relatively nearby to eat. My first visit to the Netherlands and I'm hoping to have a lazy day and an early evening before I crash. No real preferences for food type...just good taste with nothing fancy.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Nice places around the museumsqr are: Bodega Keyzer, Van Baerlestraat 96‎ (one of the oldest cafe's with nice lunch/brunch), Maxima, PC Hooftstraat 63 (new & hot in the most famous shoppingstreet on walking distance from Museumpln of Brasserie van Baerle (all time classic 10 min walk, great brunch/lunch: reservations!)Van Baerlestraat 158 tel: 020 6791532‎. Have fun, Hans

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      Thanks for the suggestions, Hans

      Brasserie Van Baerle looks really good to me, especially the garden if the weather is nice...