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Dried Thyme

I am having trouble with using dried thyme. I cant seem to impart strong flavor. Do you think thyme should be added at the end or beginning of cooking? Or other ideas?

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  1. How old is your thyme? It might just be time to replace it.

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      I recently bought it. Do you have any advice for good dried thyme brands. I tried mccormick it did not make any difference. Thanks for the reply.

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        Even if you just bought it, it might have been on the shelf or in storage for a while at the store. But you could also consider using ground thyme - I don't care for it, because I find that even a tiny amount is very strong, but it might be what you're looking for.

    2. I find dried thyme extremely strong flavored and usually use less than a recipe calls for, if I use it at all. I agree with katecm, your thyme might be old.

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      1. My experience...Thyme added at the beginning of long cooking recipes loses it punch....Try adding toward the end of cooking ~~ Then it may be old.


        1. Normal rule is for dried herbs at the beginning of cooking, fresh at the end.

          1. Another vote for buying a new jar of dried thyme. It's usually quite strong, regardless of when you add it.

            1. i was taught to "fry" dried herbs in the oil, before adding anything else. if your thyme isn't adding anything, it's tired. try shopping where there might be greater and more frequent turn-over of these sorts of things. i buy nearly all my dried herbs from a moroccan grocer and they're always fresh. the store is tiny and always busy.

              1. You might try rubbing the dried thyme between your palms before adding it ; this can help activate the taste somewhat. BTW, having just purchased your dried thyme does not necessarily guarantee that it's fresh- those little glass jars can sit around for months before they reach the supermarket shelf, and could wait there for quite a while before they reach our kitchens. I buy my dried herbs from the bulk section of my local health food coop (Honest Weight CoOp here in Albany) where they are fresher and much cheaper, and available in whatever quantity I choose- I tend to get smaller amounts so they don't sit around on my spice shelf for too long.

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                  I buy fresh, then freeze what I didn't use for later use. It works great, this year I am growing my own.