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Mar 30, 2011 09:36 PM

Advice on these restaurants

We are coming to Paris the 3rd week of May, for 6 nights. One night we're going to the PSG - Lille match. We're staying on the edge of the 3th and 11th on Rue Amelot. Budget is somewhat limited, but we're in pretty good shape for breakfasts - I speak fluent French, we're stayed in the area before, we know of a good cafe, boulangerie, and charcuterie to go for for breakfast and picnic lunches in the jardins.

I've looked at France Chowhound threads, at John Talbott's Paris, and a couple other blogs.

Heresy as it may sound, I'm shying away from the Chowhound favs as Frenchie, Le Cinq, Chez Dumonet, and Spring.

L'Atelier is out of our price range.

Could folks please comment on the following that we are considering:
(Sorry... we being a couple, 30's, both very adventurous eaters, I spent a lot of time at my grandmother's in St. Jorioz):

Le Comptoir
Au Fil Des Saisons
les cocottes de Constant
Le Passage (the 11th on Passage de la Bonne Graine)
Le Café des Musées
Les Enfants de Paris
Jeanne A
Les Jumeaux

Lastly, the last time we were in Paris we enjoyed meals at:
Le Bar a Huitres at Place des Vosges (obviously close to where we are staying)
and at
Caves St. Gilles, a tapas joint in the Marais that was a ton of fun

Question - for seafood, how is Bar a Huitres considered? To be honest, we really enjoyed it. But if there's a better seafood place, we'd really like to know. Also, Caves St. Gilles was a very fun place - it's super close to our hotel. Can we do better for something a few blocks away?


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  1. I'm surprised no one has jumped in here yet. The only one listed here we've actuallty eaten at is les Cocottes. It was delcious. Very busy, buzzing, crowded and fun. No reservations so you may wait for a table if you go during prime time.

    I hear over and over about how great Le Comptoir is. It's impossible to get a reservation for dinner but everyone says that if you get there before 12 and line up, you'll get in quickly for a fantastic lunch.

    Au Fil Des Saisons has been on our list for a number of years now but so far, hasn't made the cut. I'd love to read some recent reviews so if you choose to go there, please report back!

    1. Yes, do the luncheon at le Comptoir....

      Reconsider Frenchie because it is quality at a bargain price.

      Add some picnics and graze through several markets...swig some wine...I buy lots of bottles and drain what's not to please down the sink or pass to folks seating close by. All that is great in Paris is NOT in Michelin starred restaurants!

      1. Bar a Huitres is a chain and is just ok...if you want a sublime oyster experience, go to Huitrerie of my favorite restaurants in the whole world...

        1. We had a wonderful dinner at Au Fil des Saisons in May of 2009. A local we met at another tiny place (Angela Caffe on rue des Ecouffes) recommended it to us.

          Here is my blog entry for the meal:

          We've also eaten at Cafe des Musees, it was good but not on the same level as Fil des Saison:

          Sorry, this entry is long and only a small part is about our meal.

          One place we really enjoyed that never comes up on any lists but was again recommended by the same local who steered us to Fils des Saison is Le Vieux Comptoir in the 1st. A lovely wine bar with French classics. We had our charming waitress pick our wines by the glass to match each course. We enjoyed it so much, we went twice in the same trip:

          Paris is full of wonderful restaurants flying under the radar, have fun discovering some of them.