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Mar 30, 2011 08:22 PM

What are you eating RIGHT NOW?

SThere are topics galore on what we're all making for dinner, or what our favorite meals are, what we loved from our childhood, what we hated from our childhood.... we've discussed what we eat when we're alone, foods that we eat in a peculiar manner, and what we're ashamed to admit to eating.

But I want to know what you're eating RIGHT NOW! We all do it, eat while we're online. so I;ll start.

I have a big tuna salad. Homemade. with some cottage cheese and a pickle on the side. One of my favorite warm weather meals. So, tell us, what are you eating NOW??

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  1. Right this second, I am drinking some homemade Nocino and nibbling on a small piece of dark chocolate.

    1. I just finished dinner so I'm eating nothing right now after a meal of broccoli with sausage and a fennel and feta salad. I'm about to make a cup of Bedtime tea and will be off reading for a good hour or so.

      1. greek yogurt w vanilla, coconut and chopped almonds.

        1. I really try not to read and eat at the same time, I like to give my munchies my full attention, but just before I started reading this I had an almond cookie shaped like a snowman from TJ's and a chocolate truffle from Costco washed down with water. Then I had a dental mint. Looks like I overstocked on the Christmas treats this year. Good thing Easter falls on a very late date, I might get through my stash in time!

          1. Right now, meaning 'today' I will be having a Fray Bentos chicken pie (just cut the lid of and bake for 30 minues)

            sauté potatoes and mixed vegetables.

            the pie, only an English pound from Lidl