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Mar 30, 2011 07:59 PM

Breakfast for the working

I was thinking about this today because I have observed some widely different breakfast habits for people who leave for work in the morning. I will list what I have seen, and then tell me which you fall under, if any:

Never eat breakfast
Cook at home and eat before you leave
Cook at home, then eat in the car
Cook at home, then eat when you arrive at work
Fast food breakfast
Nothing, but munch as soon as you actually begin working (crackers, etc- not like a breakfast meal)

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  1. Fruit smoothie to go in car and homemade banana bread, cut up fruit and dry cereal (Morning post), or multigrain toast and PB from the caf to eat at my desk.

    1. i cook at work - oatmeal - and eat it at my desk. But I work at an office where I am the only one there when I arrive.

      1. "cook" at home and eat before I leave - generally fruit smoothies or cereal.

        1. If I don't have a breakfast meeting, then I eat and cook at home.

          Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. It's a good way to recharge after my morning workout, figure out what's going on in current events so I sound half-way intelligent at the water-cooler, and to collect myself before the day starts for real.

          1. Unfortunately I'm a never eat breakfast - unless I'm on vacation or decide to have breakfast for dinner. I don't have time in the a.m. - plus it takes a couple of hours for my appetite to get going. Coffee and that's it. Am going to try and get better and start eating Chobain yogurt mid-morning (love it).