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Mar 30, 2011 07:28 PM

Best goose in paris

Allo Chowhounds!

Boyfriend and I are on our way to Paris in May and I need a recommendation for where to find the tasty goose served in Paris. I am also willing to buy it from a shop if you have any recommendation for that.

Thank you!


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  1. Goose is almost impossible to find outside of christmas season. Try Coq Saint Honoré, and/or ask a butcher to look for one.

    While you're at it, and if you know what to do with it, ask if they can find a fat goose for you -- one that was used for foie gras. I particularly recommend confit-ing the leg. Makes duck look low-fat. Wonderful.

    There are also places to order your goose directly from the farm such as this one:

    There is one restaurant called "il était une oie". Funnily enough, they don't do goose foie gras. In fact, I'm not sure they have a single goose product. The wonders of marketing, I suppose.

    But maybe you meant only goose foie gras? I that case I would mention Dubernet and Divay, and, restaurant wise, Le Quincy.

    Traditionally, geese for foie gras were raised by Alsatian jews, which is why, since World War II, there is almost no goose foie gras in France anymore. Hungary has become a major center for goose farming, now, and most foies are imported from there.

    Goose might have fallen out of favor by being contrary to our times: it cannot be farmed in warehouses, can only live free (do they harm them in NH?). And of course it is very fat, which tends to be unpopular for no valid reason whatsoever.

    Don't know why I wrote that instead of answering the question. Time for prof. Souphie to go back to bed.

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      there are a few farms in the Dordogne/Lot region that are still doing goose foie gras, as well -- but as you know, it's a lot more expensive and a lot harder to find than duck.

      But I agree with Souphie-- other than at Christmas, I don't think I've seen goose on offer at a restaurant, volailler, or any other purveyor of food.

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        It's not the most artisinal of butchers, but I've seen goose for sale at Boucheries Chevy near Alesia. They have several outlets around Paris.

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          Merci beaucoup, Souphie! Your answer was very helpful - I learned many new things and I will try Coq Saint Honoré and l'Encrier. I have heard good things about both, and I will try to report back my thoughts in June!

        2. I have seen goose breast for sale at the Richard Lenoir marché near Bastille the past two Sundays. I don't know the name of the purveyor, but they also sells roast chickens, suckling pigs, duck, boar and game- on the west side, about mid-way. Not sure about whole goose, but the breasts must come from somewhere.

          l'Encrier (55 Rue Traversière, 12ème 01 44 68 08 16) usually has goose breast with honey on the menu. At least they did when I was there in September.

          1. You are going to have to get someone's grandmother to cook one and invite you over...

            1. at Trou Gascon they used to regularly have on the menu an item called la cuisse d'oie confit.

              It was like a duck leg confit but only goose, so a lot bigger, but just looked and it is not there anymore:


              1. Thank you everyone! This was actually very helpful! I will check out your recommendations or come back for Christmas sometime! ^_^