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Mar 30, 2011 06:44 PM

which tassimo model

I am looking at a T20 Tassimo model that is on sale ... but then I find out there is a T45 and a T65 model. From what I can see, the T45 looks like there is a water filtration system. For the T65 it appears there is something special about the cup holder. And also a display screen on the T65.

Does anyone have any information on the different models with Tassimo?

Thank you!

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  1. Yes. I have the T65. Each mode is slightly different than the other modes, but you don't really get better coffee or tea by upgrade. Like you said T45 and T65 have water filters, but if you already have a good water filter at home, but it is unnecessay. T65 also have a LCD screen and has a light which shines at your drink -- I don't find it these very important. The cup holder of T65 is made of partially made of stainless steel instead of full plastic. A lot of these feature really does not make a huge impact in my perspective. What I found out is that T65 is a bit quieter, which I think is the most important feature of all. This is a respond I got from Shannon from Tassimo:


    Thank you for your recent e-mail.

    The new Tassimo Suprema (TAS6515) Hot Beverage System has in addition to the same features as the TAS4511 model, an LCD display that showes the progress of your drink and it has a light underneath the brew chamber that illuminates your drink while it is being made. The brewer is available in Titanium and is also quieter than the TAS4511.


    1. Are you sold on the Tassimo? We got rid of ours because it never got hot enough, we replaced with a Keurig. 30 deg hotter in the cup and a way better selection of coffee

      1. I LOVE my Tassimo! I bought my parents the T65--I actually bought the T45 for $160 ($200 - 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond), then got home and found Amazon had the T65 for $130... then toss in the $50 rebate for both of them, so the T45 went back.

        Tassimo was doing an east coast tour, and if you were one of the first 100 people to bring in your old coffee maker, you got as T$45 for free. So I now have one of those as well to take with me when I move in a couple months.

        I believe there currently are rebates on the 45 and 65. I like them better, they don't look as "cheap" but I'd honestly go with price tag as well.

        Oh, and be aware they ended their contract with Starbucks.