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Jan 18, 2006 03:38 PM

Shik Do Rak

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What are the prices? Is it all you can eat? Also, are the LA and OC locations the same for price/quality/etc??

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  1. The prices are generally around $20-$25. They are more famous for the unmarinated thin-cut meats. It is not all you can eat. I didn't know there was an OC location.

    Overall its excellent meat and I enjoy going there.

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    1. re: jho789
      rabo encendido

      In my experience, that 20-25 smackers (actually around $28, I think) will get you the thin-cut meat, some kalbi, some pork belly, some soup to top off the meal, and a bottle of soju. Enough to feed two ravenous people, a very good value.

      This stands true of the LA location. Have not been to the Garden Grove outpost, but from perceptor's pix from an old review, it looked substantially nicer than the Ktown joint, and, hence, could possibly be pricier.

      I enjoy Shik Do Rak too.

      1. re: rabo encendido

        I prefer the Garden Grove one over the LA Ktown one.. garden grove is ALOT bigger and nicer.. price is same.. $20-25 per person will get you so much meat it might as well be all you can eat.. also.. Garden Grove has my fav pickled radish as wrapping which LA doesnt have...

        1. re: Perceptor

          Oy...I have to second the radish wrapping. It's the best! I don't even think I've had it anywhere else - does anyone besides Shik Do Rak do it?

          1. re: jaia

            You should try Seolaksan on Beach Blvd in Stanton. They only have the radish wrappers, not the rice cake ones. The best thing about this place is that after you finish your meat, they cook kimchi fried rice for you on the stone grill! I hear this place is also well known for their duck stew, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Please report back if you do!

            1. re: jaia

              Kobawoo offers it with certain dishes...


              1. re: jaia

                lot of korean bbq places have it... ma dang sae on vermont and james woods (old 9th street) has it.

        2. way better than Manna...
          their dipping sauces rock!

          1. I went tonight for the first time. It was also only my 2nd time having Korean BBQ but it was very tasty and all the side dishes just added to the wonder.
            We split a 3 person combo between 4 of us and it was plenty. bill total was $70 plus tip.

            1. I like this place for the radish wrapper as well.

              However, I (personally) wouldn't call it BBQ because the meat cooks on a skillet-type of contraption, and it doesn't meet any direct flame at all. Fyi. With the collecting fat/oil, it comes out more sauteed than BBQ'ed.

              1. There are many combo packages you can order. It comes with marinated Korean BBQ, brisket, intestines(if you're into that kind of stuff), and many more. It also comes with Korean Soju. It is a very inexpenisve rice wine that is traditional to Koreans. By the way, does any one know of any "food raves" in Los Angeles?