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Mar 30, 2011 04:49 PM

Brasserie in Calgary

My husband and I went to Brasserie In kensington on saturday night. From start to finish the meal was amazing! The atmosphere, service and food definitly gives this small restaraunt five stars. If you're in kensington it 's worth checking out, I'm sure you'll love it as much as we did!

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  1. +1 for Braserie! I went there recently during Stampede!

    I haven't gotten a sense of whether or not this board likes or dislikes foodblogger posts, so I've steered clear, but I wanted to toot their horn. Feel free to give the food blog posts the boot ;)

    Pics for the post:

    We started with the Foie Gras Poutine and the Foie Gras Potato Skins.

    We sat by the bar and watched the plating as we waited for our table. Recent Australian travels had made me grow fond of ciders, and I ordered a couple while waiting. I much prefer Sir Perry over Magner – mostly because Sir Perry had a light, sweet flavour as it’s a pear-based cider. I think it’d be the perfect drink to have on a patio when it’s hot and sunny out. Noted for the future!

    Like many of the spots I’ve tried in Calgary, the interior is bright, beautiful and pristine – grunge is not a word for many places in YYC, as it’s a booming young city. We ordered:

    Foie Gras Poutine
    Truffle Oil, Duck Gravy, Parmesan
    Da-yam. Calgary, you’re trumping Toronto in the poutine-realm – but how?! You’re much further from Montreal and when people think Calgary they think steak. Whether it’s Stampede ground carnie-food or a fancy poutine, you’re making some mean poutines. Squeaky curds, fresh fries, delicious delicious gravy and of course – foie gras. More please. With extra duck gravy.

    Foie Gras Potato Skins
    Herbs, shaved gruyère, lardons & black truffle essence
    We struggled between this and the poutine – I mean, what sounds better? Potato with duck gravy and foie gras or potato with gruyere and foie gras? Why bother with the debate?! This was also put in the category of pretty foie good. Between the two, the duck gravy poutine is the definite winner.

    “Reginas” Fried Veal Weisswurst
    Pomme frites, mustard & sauerkraut
    I suppose a weekend of calf-roping rallied my stomach when I saw veal weisswurst. Mmmm. From the Saddledome to my plate to my belly – this was surprisingly fantastic. I honestly don’t know what compelled me to order this – recent efforts to eat sensibly due to the utter halt in running are always ruined by random cravings from menus.

    Anyway – this, my friends, was a fantastic, delicious win. The veal was wonderfully flavourful and juicy, not too fatty at all, with a fantastic texture. Highly encourage you to try this tasty treat.

    Roasted “Noble Farm” Duck Breast
    Cassis jus & salad
    I knicked a piece of duck from my neighbour – another pleasant surprise! Okay, Calgary, I’m regaining faith in your food. This duck was wonderfully juicy and flavourful – not with the awful aftertaste that poorly cooked duck can have – perfect.

    High Country Bison Dip
    Gruyère grainy mustard, crispy onions & Lobster “au jus”
    Across from me, my second choice was enjoyed by my friend – I did not take a bite, nor did I try another friend’s Driview Farms Lamb Burger, but both said that they were happy with their choices.

    I had a great time at Brasserie – it’s at a good location in Kensington where you can happily people-watch outside of the big window (if you’re lucky and get the table there, anyways!) and the staff was very friendly. We told them that we had changed our reservations specifically for the large window-side table, they accommodated us and we didn’t mind the extra wait because it gave us a chance to peek at the kitchen.

    Erin :-)

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      We were at Brasserie on the weekend and had many of the same things as ekim256. We had the classic Brasserie poutine - delish. The fois gras potatoe skins - really good! Bison dip with the lobster au jus. Although it sounded different it was a wonderful combination. Three of my friends shared the smoked ALBERTA PORK HOCK, weisswurst, pork belly, sauerkraut, roasted potato & European mustard. The menu says this dish is for two people but there was plenty for three. The pork hock was so amazing, juicy and pull part tender with crispy skin bits. I'm drooling just writing this!

      We ordered a bottle of wine, and were informed that was the last bottle of this particular kind. So of course we wanted a 2nd bottle of wine and ordered something we thought would be similar. The bartender actually came over to our table to tell us that we may not have made the best choice, and that he had a better transitional recommendation. He didn't try to upsell us. The recommendation he had was the same price point and it was excellent. So of course we had to order another!

      The food, service and wine was amazing. We'll be back soon!

    2. Had a pretty nice dinner at the Brasserie last week. I got a great table by the window and the young lady who served us was amazing.

      I was with my gf and parents so I couldn't order all of the super-indulgent items you guys have already mentioned.

      Started with the feature appetizer lamb ribs. They came seasoned and dry with a side of tasty BBQ sauce. Unfortunate part......they were 80-90% fat. That was not of major concern as I had a nice crisp czechvar beer to sip on.

      Next we sampled the cassoulet and shared it as a table. Although it was perfectly acceptable, the beans weren't *quite* done and there were almost no discernible pieces of duck or sausage in the dish. It was a fairly one note dish and I must admit I was expecting something much better.

      For mains, my dad and I both had the Weisswurst with frites. These were juicy and delicious with a nice crispy sear. The accompanying mustard and cabbage were both fantastic but the fries, however, were far from great.....a little soggy and under seasoned. Not what I would expect from a restaurant of this caliber and specifically one that specializes in poutines etc! Must have been an off day.

      The ladies at the table had the bouillabaisse. I was very impressed by the sip of broth I tried. Rich and savoury without being overly fishy at all. Even though I love it, I typically stay far away from this type of dish in Calgary. I was told the fish was done perfectly. We also shared the haricots vert which were sauteed with butter and shallots I believe.....cooked perfectly and very tasty.

      Lastly we had a very creative bread pudding with chocolate and what I think was some kind of passionfruit compote (I apologize for forgetting the details as I don't have much of a sweet tooth) and foie gras ice cream. It was enjoyed by all.

      Overall it was a nice dinner that didn't exactly blow me away. I REALLY want to go back and try a poutine as well as a salad or two and the Alberta pork hock. There are a ton of things on the menu that look great and the service,ambience, and wine/drinks alone are worth going back for. I get the feeling I could get a lot more out of the experience knowing what I do now....