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Mar 30, 2011 03:51 PM

Detroit Restaurant Week -- what to choose?

This Friday starts Detroit Restaurant week.

From the website:

Starting Friday, April 1 and lasting through Sunday, April 10, metro Detroiters will once again be able to enjoy hearty three-course meals for $28 (excluding beverage, gratuity and tax) at select fine dining locations in Detroit.

I've recently been to Saltwater and Da Edorada at Foxtown. (Loved the former, meh on the latter).

I have time to go to two, but can't get into Roast due to my schedule. I was thinking Wolfgang Puck for one. Any suggestions?

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  1. I only have time for one and I think it is going to be Atlas Global Bistro, the problem will be deciding between the Confit and Pork Belly.

    Atlas Global Bistro
    3111 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201

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    1. re: Wooderson

      I went there for fall restaraunt week and it was NOT worth it. I've been to rattlesnake club and it was much better

      1. re: interplanetjanet

        We are heading to Rattlesnake! We have never been disappointed with the food or service there. I posted a review of Brunch at Atlas several weeks ago. It was terrible. I think we will try to go to one more restaurant next week but haven't decided which one yet! Has anyone been to Iridescence? I've heard goog things but I'm starting to get a bit cyncial because lately every restaurant someone I know recommends has not been good. I trust Chowhounders' opinions way more than your average joe!!

    2. I am heading on over to TJ's myself....

      1. The Cuisine menu looks pretty damn good, although wasn't there some noise that it was up for sale?

        1. Any updates from this past weekend?

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          1. re: gan911

            I went to Cliff Bell's Saturday night. My first time there, I'm sorry to say -- beautiful room. Food was meh. The beef carpaccio app was very nice, the pork belly was boring. Both the salmon and the short rib entrees were uninspiring. Not bad, just boring. My mates really enjoyed the chicken.

            Looking forward to Rattlesnake this weekend.

            1. re: gan911

              Had dinner last night at Roast. Started at the bar for drinks and happy hour priced snacks. Bar was busy, but the bartender was great - friendly, informative about the menu and the drink list. Moved on to dinner - the RW menu was an insert into the regular menu (which means you don't have to ask for it specifically). Choices were good and full-sized. We had the Roast Beast of the Day (suckling pig) and the hanger steak. We also ordered sides (not part of RW menu, but I can't pass up their brussel sprouts). Place was pretty busy but not packed. If the idea of RW is to get you to come back and pay full price for a meal, it worked. We are already talking about heading back downtown.