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Mar 30, 2011 03:44 PM

What prepared foods are you looking forward to eating at the JFX market?

I'm looking forward to trying a turkey burger or the fish platter. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Last year, near the end of the season, there was this truck where a guy made waffles on a stick and dipped them in chocolate. I'm usually not a fan of that type of food, but the light, fluffy waffle, and surprising good chocolate made for a most awesome, decadent treat. I don't know where he'll be, or if he'll even be back this year, but he was on the street, right outside of the fence to the little west market.

    1. If the mushroom stand is there and serving their oyster mushroom fritters, get them.

      1. Lots of great prepared food: jambalaya, donuts, fried fish, pit beef, and crepes are my favorites

        1. I haven't gone nuts on the prepared foods -- for me the market is about cooking. But I have sampled some. Everything I've had from mushroom lady has been really good.

          Skip Ruben's crepes -- don't get me wrong, I like them, but since you're a south Baltimore girl you can get them year round from his shop on Charles, so save your market trips for something different

          The pit beef is decent. The fried fish is incredibly good -- I would eat that a lot if they didn't open comparatively late, usually after I've been there and gone.

          1. My 5yo daughter is looking forward to the veggie samosas from the West Indian Curry Shack.

            My husband is excited about the lamb sausage sandwiches (we always bring a baguette from one of the bakeries as the lamb guy's bread isn't all that) and I love the Mexican Breakfasts from the stand run by the really nice family on the south/east side.

            And donuts.