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Mar 30, 2011 02:59 PM

Need to host a dinner in Santa Fe

I will be hosting a dinner for around 50 people in Santa Fe. Food must be outstanding. Frankly, price is not an issue. I host this dinner every year in a different place so we tend to get continental, etc. I am wondering if there is truly outstanding upscale Mexican place (I did see Epazote on the web, but have no idea if it is any good). I have also been told about Compound and Coyote Cafe. Any help appreciated. I need the kind of place that you take your prospective in-laws to when you try to convince them that you can, indeed, support their daughter in the style to which she would like to be accustomed and, furthermore, you know something about what good food is.


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  1. When will this dinner be held [weekend or weekday, season]?

    I assume you want a private dining room type of facility?

    From the list on opentable, O'Keeffe Cafe, Trattoria Nastroni, Amavi, The Compound, Geronimo look like solid choices. We had a grand meal at O'keeffe last month:

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      Thanks for the info. The dinner will be the third week in June and a private room for 50-60 would be nice.

    2. See my other posting. We just returned from Santa Fe and by far the most impressive meal was at Epazote. I think for a group of 50 it would be just fine - probably take over the entire place. Your group will be impressed by the moles plus the other elegant and sophisticated fare.