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Jan 18, 2006 02:48 PM


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has anyone else been? I am FROM memphis, and the restaurant bears no resemblence to the city or the food. more new orleans (their press says they hired a chef from katrina, so dissing is difficult...)Let's just say i spent a small fortune, and left extremely disappointed. I did not recognize ANY of the good metions in SIV's review...eager to hear other reports. Thanks.

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  1. What did you order? I've never considered the prices there too outrageous. As for the food there, I think it is pretty tasty- sort of my impression of southern comfort food. I guess I've actually never considered the name itself, though your expectations would then make logical sense. Hmm...

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      rabo encendido

      I have the feeling the OP is talking about a new, chi-chi place in LA called Memphis. As for the OC Memphis, I agree with your assessment, and definitely think all the prices are reasonable

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        Yup, the OC Memphis is both reasonable and good.

        Yesterday I had the 1/2 sandwich (pulled pork) and spinach salad.

        The sandwich was so totally overfilled with meat that I had to eat most of it with a fork. The salad had big thick slices of bacon, a slice of hardboiled egg and lots of spinach. The dressing was a nice lemon vinaigrette.

        Service was okay, efficient but nothing special. And oddly, there seem to be fewer tattoos and piercings there recently.

        Together with a diet coke it was less than $10 before tip.

    2. I know we're not supposed to discuss reviews, but the point here is that the LA Times review barely mentioned the food. The only thing it really said was that the gumbo was good, the jambalaya was bad, everything else was ok. It certainly didn't make it sound tempting, but the review was a "first impression" and not a regular long review. If I'm going to pay trendy Hollywood prices for soul food or New Orleans food or whatever, it had better be at least three times better and more interesting than the Gumbo Pot.

      1. i was at memphis in hollywood. sorry to not be an example of the difference between the two places - my double espresso at the hollywood memphis was $10 !! i called spago (while at memphis!) and was told that a double espresso there was $5 !! We laughed all the way home..and then cried over the bill !

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          is it that expensive? on open table is only has 2 $$ signs out of 4 $$$$. i'm supposed to go next week and i don't want to be shocked... how much are appetizers and entrees?

        2. I just went to the Hollywood Memphis. The atmosphere was cool -- the house is a really neat space. Having said that, the food was average to gross. The seared tuna was ice cold in the center. The famed popcorn shrimp were slightly better than something you'd find at Long John Silver's. My "spicy" fried catfish was crunchy, but not spicy at all.

          I'm glad I checked it out because the house is nice. I might go back for a drink, but not for the food. It's too bad the food isn't better given the surroundings.

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