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Mar 30, 2011 02:39 PM

blood orange juice in MTL

anyone know where I could get some? I have never noticed it in my neighbourhood stores (Guy-Concordia)

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  1. I was on a similar search a while back after having spent time in Italy where pretty much the only orange juice you can get is blood orange juice. I fell in love with it. Especially blood orange fanta... Brought back childhood memories. In any case my search was fruitless. So had to resort to squeezing my own. The season is short however and the fruits are not available year round at grocery stores. Maybe specialty stores carry them.
    I know the van houtte cafe in la cite sells fresh squeezed blood oranges year round. But I believe their supplier only sells to restos but I may be wrong. They sell it by the glass at 3.25 a pop.
    If anyone knows where I can get blood orange fanta I would be indebted to you forever.

    1. You can find squeezed Blood Orange Juice at Hannaford's in Plattsburgh but it is not anywhere as good as fresh squeezed.This year the Zuccarello's had a problem and were old tasting, the little Sicilian ones were good but the season has come to an end. At Jean Talon Mkgt they claim the will have the last of the season this weekend. As for the Californian Moro's they are not the same taste as the Italians and in my view not worth the $1.99 (PA's) the are going for on sale right now

      1. I saw some at Alfalfa and Aliments Merci (this brand They were at the Expo Manger Santé so I think it's available in most natural food stores.

        1. They sell an Italian brand in bottles at Milano - it's not freshly squeezed, obviously (I think it's by Santal) - but it's not bad.

          1. Ecollegy in NDG has blood orange juice from Italy right now. Late last year you could also get it in some IGAs - blood orange juice and also tangerine, but I have not seen it in IGA since January.