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Mar 30, 2011 12:05 PM

Next (4/6)!

So I'm kind of freaking out. Has anyone gotten an e-mail saying they can buy tickets yet?!?!

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  1. You must be the only one who hasn't been contacted. Maybe it's personal.


    I don't think they're ready yet. I'm sure will all be talking about it when they send out those emails.

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    1. re: chicgail

      The Tribune quoted Achatz as predicting the opening for April 6:

      1. re: nsxtasy

        That's next Wednesday! Some people would certainly have been contacted and purchased "tickets."

        Do we know if he was talking about a hard opening or a soft opening? Restaurants, especially this kind of restaurant, often does a soft opening to try things out with friends and family before opening for the public.

        Either way, a lot of us are looking forward to it and we hope that not hearing from them is NOT personal. :)

        1. re: chicgail

          >> Do we know if he was talking about a hard opening or a soft opening? Restaurants, especially this kind of restaurant, often does a soft opening to try things out with friends and family before opening for the public.

          There's a link in that article to this other article telling how the ticketing system will work (and yes, "staff, family and investors" will get first chance):

    2. About an hour ago, a message was posted on the wall on the Facebook page for Next restaurant, saying that e-mails will start going out tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., 500 at a time, to those who signed up via the Notify Me link on the Next website.

      Next website:
      Next Facebook page:

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        It's been kind of crazy. Technical problems and other issues yesterday. Emails not getting delivered (not even to spam folders) even when a person is officially "invited". Tickets selling out in under 1 minute. Somehow I still got some tickets, but clearly the process is fairly crazy at the moment. Is this what it is/was like to try to get a reservation at El Bulli?

        1. re: TAsunder

          Cut 'em a little slack. It's the first day and there's always a learning curve, even for a well-planned process. If it's still screwing up in a couple of weeks (or however long the reservations will remain open) then complain.

          1. re: ferret

            I was describing the situation for potential other ticket-buyers and those curious, not complaining. This is a new process and a new concept and I'm quite supportive of it no matter the hiccups.

          2. re: TAsunder

            With El Bulli it was much simpler.

            Send one email. Wait for several weeks. Get a response, typically no.


        2. Got a table for 6 people (extended menu, chef table) on Wednesday, May 25th, it's only me and my girlfriend, though. Others interested, the face value is $215pp ($165 ticket +$31 tip + $19 tax). No wine included, may be able to add later, but no guarantee.

          1. Got my tickets! If you got the Opening Day email but went to the site and never received your password, try again, as they were having mail server issues earlier this afternoon. I waited for nearly 2 hours, tried again, and boom, got my password.

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            1. re: kathryn

              Got mine, as well.

              If there are any groups looking for persons to do the Chef's Table in late April or Mid-June I'd be willing to make the trip and sell off my current 2-top.


              Chef's Table
              3304 W 162nd St, Markham, IL 60428

              1. re: uhockey

                It took 2 hours for my password to come through as well but now it's not working. Did you have to try to log in tons of times before it actually let you into the system?

                1. re: hungryinaz

                  I requested a password and I got it in about 5 minutes but didn't work around 3:30pm ET. I re-requested a new password and waited a long time but never got it. I finally re-requested a third time after 5:30pm ET, got the password right away, and was able to buy tickets.

                2. re: uhockey

                  Mid-June could work - I am but one of a party of three (which is always awkward to book reservations for myself plus my parents), so I'd have to speak with them, but I would love the opportunity to have the kitchen-table experience. Right now we have a 4-top booked for the first Friday in June.

                  1. re: cmartink

                    I'm booked for the 16th. The Chef's table was open when I booked ~3 hours ago.

                    Hungryinaz - it took 5 attempts to get my password.


                3. re: kathryn

                  kathryn thanks for the info, just checked again and was able to get my tickets! Can't wait for this.

                4. Got my password 40 minutes before I got the email. Booked the chef's table for my family when I'm back visiting. Super pumped.