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Mar 30, 2011 11:59 AM

Grand Cayman - Eating/drinking top tips

I am spending ten days on Grand Cayman in a couple of weeks time and was after some top tips as to what to eat and where to try. Coming in from Europe I am less bothered about fine dining (unless particularly good) and more interested in local food joints, good seafood, anything with an influence I am not likely to find in the uk (unless in London). Also after recommendations for places to drink and also any good wine shops that are present, hoping there may be some californian wines that aren't available over here too

Thanks in advance

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  1. Here is a report I wrote in 2008 - we are headed back in June, and looking forward to it. One place we wanted to try last time, but did not was 'Chicken! Chicken!' - rotisserie chicken, with a Caribbean twist.

    Please post a trip report when you return!

    1. If you're on or near Seven Mile Beach, Calypso Grill will be a hike, as it's well off the beaten path, but well worth it. The setting and food are great (and the Sticky Toffee Bread Pudding for dessert brings us back year after year).

      Gateway of India is a terrific value, and shares a building with Copper Falls, an excellent steakhouse if you're so inclined.

      Eats is a really solid breakfast/lunch spot.

      Sunshine Grill is great for burgers and fish tacos and (REALLY) busy around lunchtime, so go early or late.

      Luca is more towards the fine dining end, and consistently good.

      1. Since you are interested in local "joints' I would recommend Tim Buc Tuu, a hole in the wall Caribbean dinner, Alfresco's, overlooking the water, Morgan's Harbor, fresh fish and nothing else.
        Upscale, consider Oestra Bay ( much better than Calypso grill, which has been going downhill), Michael's, a Miami influenced food, AGUA, excellent ceviche and other fish.. If you want good Italian food , which of course you can get in the UK, consider, Luca, Ragazzi, Casanova, Pappagallo.
        Chef John serves authentic food at the public beach on Fridays and Saturdays, its not great but definitely an Cayman experience. Cracked Conch is a good place for drinks. Other places to drink, depending on your age, Deckers, Reef Grill and Lengendz( a sports bar)
        Sunshine grill has its fans, but it is nothing special. Eats is an American style dinner, its good for a breakfast and a quick lunch, but don't go out of your way.
        For wine shops, you have very little choice. All alcohol is very expensive relative to the US. The best selection is at Jacques Scott, they have a number of stores, but their largest location has the best selection. It is at North Sound Road & Shedden Road, not far from the airport.

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          Must say that Reef Grill, once one of my family's favorites, has suffered greatly since their re-model.

          Neither Ragazzi nor Casanova has ever impressed, and Pappagallo certainly boasts an impressive price tag...

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            Thanks all this is great, will try and get a report up as soon as back, assuming the rum doesn't blur my memory too much

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              I would second Morgans Harbour - I much prefer it to Calypso Grill. For local Over the Edge on the north shore is nice and a great spot. I can't remember the name but there is a great hole in the wall type place just off the four way stop in west bay - amazing fish tea.

              I gothrough phases on Ragazzi but generally live it and it has a great wine list. I think Luca is completely over rated.

              Chicken Chicken has nice food but not the greatest place to sit.

              A drink at the Ritz is entertaining because it is so OTT - partic from a european point of view.

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                The fish tea place is called Heritage Kitchen!

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                  Apologies for the delay in my write up of trip, I have been too busy trying to ascertain how my tan has faded so quickly and my bank balance has been so slow to recover.

                  Overall I thought the food on the island to be very good, it is certainly catering towards the tourist trade, but when all your money come from that I can see why. Hopefully they may catch up with serving some better beers soon, cold, fizzy and tasteless may work in the heat, but as far as enjoyment goes......

                  We had a good mix of local dishes and more traditional european fare, my thoughts on favourite places are as follows

                  Yoshi (Sushi) - A very cool place indeed, full of hipsters and attractive wait staff and the sushi certainly backs it up, the standard sushi is of very good quality and well made, the stand out though was the special of White Tuna, a particular variety it would seem, but it was amazing, almost as good as the medium fatty tuna at Tokyo fish marrket (and that ranks in my top three eats of all time).

                  Cimboco - Couple of trips here, catering in local (ish) food and done very well indeed, friends jerk chicken sandwich was excellent and my fried fish wrap and chilli sauce was very good too. The coconut bread with the pork sandwich was very tasty, not sure how they made it, maybe replaced water with coconut juice?

                  Over the edge - worth it for the fried bread and the views alone

                  Kaibo - A very good feed here, an evening sat on the beach drinking one of the best mojitos I have ever had and an excellent interpretation of ceviche, joyous!

                  Chicken chicken - Good chicken, as I hoped, little let down by the sides, interesting cornbread too

                  Sunshine Grill - Excellent fish tacos and lemonade

                  I didn't partake in turtle, not sure I could, and was a little disappointed that when I entered more local places I was given the tourist menu without knowing of the more traditional stuff, but I know that for next time now and will amend accordingly on my return visit.