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Mar 30, 2011 11:49 AM

Organic (Food Safe) Flaxseed Oil around Durham/Chapel Hill

I hear this is great for seasoning pans and would like to pick some up. Any ideas of where they may have this? I checked Southern Season, but may have looked in the wrong area.

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  1. Whole Foods has it in the Whole Body department.

    1. Any natural foods store will have it, usually in the supplements section. Often there is a variety with lignans - this is unfiltered and has some of the seed particulates. For your intended use it would be better to use the non-lignan variety. Once open it starts to oxidize quickly, usually sold in 30 day supply size bottles. Smoke point is fairly low. Not particularly inexpensive...I've never heard of flax oil used for this!

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        me neither!. I take flax oil capsules. Aha we were right look below:.

      2. That stuff ain't cheap and seems like a strange choice for seasoning pans. For seasoning cast iron I've had good results with organic shortening made from palm oil as recommended here:


        At any rate, you can find organic flaxseed oil in the refrigerated section near the Whole Body area at Whole Foods.

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            Thanks for the link - quite interesting.

            Please let us know your experiences if you do this!

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              Well she also recommends bare boning your cast iron via oven cleaner.. not sure how great that works because of chemicals, but I'll see what happens. I tried seasoning my pan before.. but its not just a gunky mess and so I would rather start over. Thing is I didn't even use that much oil..

        1. Was just at Trader Joes and they've got Flax oil (I'm assuming that's flaxseed) in the vitamins/supplements area. $8 for 16 ounces...

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