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Mar 30, 2011 11:49 AM

Alternatives to Lemon Hart 151?

This is my go-to overproof rum, essential to certain real-Tiki cocktails, but it seems to have disappeared from Boston-area shelves. Bacardi is junk.

I noticed a Guyanan 151 called El Dorado Overproof Rum this week: it says "High Strength" on the rather generic-looking label:

I didn't dare hazard it. Any thoughts on this rum, or recommendations for alternatives?

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  1. Lemon Hart wasn't available for awhile, but it is starting to come back in to the country this month, and in a few months should be available on a regular basis, probably by fall.

    Haven't had the El Dorado overproof, but the rest of their line is good stuff.

    1. Lemon Hart is available now in 3 or 4 states with 2 states soon. My friends in California have bought some already (the price did jump from $18 to $30/bottle). The closest state to you Slim that will have LH151 is New York though.

      I own the ED151. Made at the same distillery but a very different product. LH 151 is a darker, richer rum. El Dorado does make excellent rums including their 3 year white (great vanilla notes), 5 year (similar to Lemon Hart 80 in some ways), and 12, 15 and older.

      ED151 would be more of a sub for generic 151 (like Bacardi or other -- it is more flavorful than Bacardi, but no where near Lemon Hart) and I have seen some recipes in books that call specifically for ED151 (there's one in Rogue/Beta Cocktails, for example).

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        I've heard that Goslings 151 is a good sub for LH151. Any comments? (Not that I've ever seen it for sale in the Boston area.)

        1. re: davis_sq_pro

          Goslings 151 works ok as an ad-hoc replacement, but the flavor isn't the same as the LH151.

          If you water a shot of G151 (or G140) down, you'll notice that it tastes very similar to the G80 proof. It's still got that funky molasses flavor I love.

          When Lemon Hart was running scarce, I used Cruzan 151or Cruzan Estate Dark 151 and had no complaints...

        2. re: yarm

          Goslings 151 is available in Boston, and I have a bottle. Unfortunately I don't have LH or ED 151 to compare it to.

            1. re: davis_sq_pro

              I believe Goslings 151 is available at Kappy's in Medford on 28/16 too.

              1. re: yarm

                Thanks. I may put my liver on the line, in the interest of science, and make a test Zombie or three out of both the LH151 and the G151. And maybe the Cruzan, if I can find that. (Yet another that I haven't seen around here -- I must be looking on the wrong shelves, because I've been to that Kappy's many times.)

                1. re: davis_sq_pro

                  I've seen G151 and ED151 at the Blanchard's in Allston. And Select Liquors (also in Allston, inside Bazaar on Cambridge St) can get LH151 - it's not part of their regular stock (which is tiny), but you can order a bottle on their web page and pick it up in-store. Bring ID and a print-out of your order when you go to pick it up; this seems to make things go much more smoothly. :)

            2. re: EvergreenDan

              I think I got it at Cambridge Wine and Spirits at Fresh Pond, Cambridge, MA, but I'd call before making a special trip.

          1. Today's featured Chow cocktail uses LH151. Just when there was a glimmer of hope that I'd find a bottle, the demand increases. ;-)

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