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Need eatery in North Seattle

I'm looking fir a moderately price eatery in North Seattle What do you suggest?

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  1. Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon if you want Asian. Excellent dumplings, noodles and salt & pepper chicken.

    Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon
    8917 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

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      I cannot endorse Snappy Dragon unless you like the very typical Americanized version of Chinese. I found the dumplings (for us it was fried potstickers) to be huge, a huge amount (six big ones), and hugely inedible.

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        Yeah, Snappy Dragon doesn't get a lot of love on this board--but clearly, some folks beg to differ. Different tastes.


    2. Marcello's on Roosevelt.

      1. El Camion, hard-by Home Depot, on 117th & Aurora
        Paseo, 43rd & Fremont or 6226 Seaview Ave, at Golden Gardens
        The length of "The Ave" (University Way between 42nd and 55th or so
        Veraci pizza, about 8th & Market

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          Waterwheel lounge - Digna's fried chicken, chicken-fried steak...
          Revel, in Fremont - get the whole HH menu, for a good start
          Golden Beetle HH - another good start
          Kate's pub HH - Mac&cheese with pulled pork
          Baguette Box, Fremont - Tofu sandwich (!)
          Rainin' Ribs, Lake City - and brisket, ribs, hush-puppies, greens - the whole deal
          Date-night, for sure, but straight out of the Godfather, is Salvatore - hope for the halibut

        2. Here's my northeast-centric list:

          Frank's Oyster House and Champagne Parlor has a great happy hour (ending a bit early) and a better seafood selection that you might expect for the neighborhood.

          Hudson (the one on 15th & 80th) has great beer and decent fancy pub food.

          El Camion on Aurora is better than the one in Ballard (if you're including Ballard in your range, consider Senor Moose or La Carta de Oaxaca for Mexican). I also like Taqueria El Sabor, which is across the border in Shoreline. Barriga Llena is a winner for tortas.

          My favorite U District restaurant is Bratz for their sausage, schnitzel, and German beer. As a general rule, the food on The Ave is much better north of 50th than south of 50th (do visit Big Time if you like beer, though).

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            Another vote for Taqueria El Sabor. I like most of their items, in particular: pollo asado, tacos, enchiladas with green sauce, tacquitos. They make their own corn tortillas, horchata in a fountain dispenser. A good chicken soup served everyday. Posole on weekends. Rice, beans, and condiment bar are good. I do not like their guacamole, nor the enchiladas rancheros.

            We live nearby and go often for dine-in and takeout. Their food is very consistent. The seating (formerly a Wendy's) is clean and nice, but it's not a place to linger.

            Taqueria El Sabor
            15221 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

          2. how north and how "moderate"? I like Pear, in the north of the U District. More small plates, cocktails, then the previous recommendations, and probably more pricy. very good food and atmosphere.

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              I think you mean "Pair," which is good, although I wouldn't consider that North Seattle.

            2. La Casa Azul, Indo Cafe, Barriga Llena, the People's Pub, and Grill Express.

              The final one is a particular gem. For a range of $5-9, they serve some of the best Mediterranean food I've ever had. The Falafel is fantastic, and you should also try foul medamas. Their service is impeccable and they have a good variety. I hardly see it mentioned on CH, so I thought I would give it a shout.

              Barriga Llena
              , Seattle, WA 98101

              La Casa Azul
              14419 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

              1. Setsuna is a good bargain eatery. The dinner combo is $10 and includes miso soup, rice, salad and 2 entree choices. The tempura is very good as is the teriyaki chicken. The menu does lean toward the fried foods but they are done well and not too greasy.

                I'll second La Casa Azul.

                Fu Man Dumpling House is also a good choice for the dumplings and hot and sour soup. The pork burger is also a winner.

                Fu Man Dumpling House
                14314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

                La Casa Azul
                14419 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

                1. I've got to add on 2 more that I ate at today :

                  European Foods (13520 Aurora Ave N) - It's a fantastic little Russian store with a restaurant attached. The food is incredible (piroshkies, beet salad, borsch, goulash, herring salad; all of which is mouth wateringly good, and homemade kvas). The family that owns it is AMAZING!!! There's no reason for anybody to not love this place.

                  Aloha Japanese Ramen - Great fusion ramen restaurant with Korean, Chinese and Hawaiian influences. I tried the Mabo Katsu Ramen - Think tonkatsu, ramen and mapo tofu all mixed up. It didn't have the numbing spice, which is sad, but otherwise great. Your meal comes with 4 gyoza, pan fried to perfection.

                  1. If you are looking for great food for a bargin in North Seattle, you might try Nell's this month - they are participating in Seattle Restaurant Week on April 10-14 and Apr17-21. They are serving a 3-course tasting menu for $28. I just got their email about this and the choices look fabulous...sturgeon, lamb shoulder, leek risotto. Warning: you will need a reservation. I learned that the hard way the last time they participated in this promotion.

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                      Thanks for the heads up on restaurant week. I forgot about it. Any other suggestions on specific restaurants that are participating? Quinn's was awesome when I ate there, and I've heard good things about June.

                    2. I was going to suggest Sitka and Spruce... but that won't fit the bill...