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Mar 30, 2011 11:30 AM

Carl's Jr. Turkey Burgers

I noticed an ad for these as I work next to a Carl's Jr. Three varieties @ 490 kcal: regular, guacomole, and teriyaki, supposedly designed in consultancy with Men's Health. I haven't had fast food (other than In N Out) burgers in over 10 years, and am tempted to try one - has anyone else?

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  1. Two online reviews found them to be terrible, and the extra mayo on it adds more calories than someone looking for a healthy meal would want. Although if someone is looking for a healthy meal, they probably won't go to Carl's Jr.

    1. I tried one yesterday. Worst turkey burger I've ever had. From the grainy, dry veggie burger-like texture to the god awful taste, I'd never order one again.

      And the onion rings....had that stale oil in your mouth feel, and the coating is heavy and different than in the past. Fatburger's onion rings kick butt over CJ's.

      I haven't been frequenting CJ's since they got rid of their old french fries (see and their chicken they use for their charbroiled chicken sandwiches became every more rubbery and just plain weird.

      I've now run out of reasons to ever visit a CJ's again.