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Mar 30, 2011 10:41 AM

1 leftover pork chop

So I have this one leftover pork chop that I want to use for dinner tomorrow night. In the frig right now are broccoli, carrots, and fennel. I also have one onion and one potato. Who's the creative genius who can come up with a decent meal from any (or all) of that?

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  1. I would brown the onion, fennel and carrots in olive oil, set that aside and brown the broccoli with lots of garlic, put everything back together and cook until done--maybe adding a little water or white wine and the chopped potato if you wish. Serve on penne, polenta or white beans adding the thinly sliced pork chop to the vegs at the very end just to heat through. Parmigiano or Romano at the table.

    1. I guess you could fry the potato and onion,chop up the meat on the pork chop(or not), toss it back in the pan,add the other veggies at the last with the carrot sliced then. and let them cook a little. Stir Fried Potatoes with pork and veggies? Never done that myself. If I have one piece of meat, I usually add it to a weekend meal for my husband(never know when he wants to eat so I just have a plate ready for him). Or if my kids were around, someone would just pick it up and eat it. Good luck to you.

      1. Do you have eggs? I would brown the potato, fennel or onion & carrot. Chop the pork into small dice, mix it together along with the broccoli add some beaten eggs & make a fritatta.
        two words...fried rice
        if you could make some sort of wonton or empanada

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          Fennel, carrot and broccoli slaw topped with thin slices of pork chop. Rosti of potato and onion on the side.

        2. Every time we have a little leftover pork, I make fried rice. Somehow it got to be a tradition.

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              I thought pork fried rice too but was trying to figure out what to do with the tater.

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                I suppose you could cube it, fry it crispy and throw it into the fried rice.

          1. Serve everyone the vegetables and make yourself a pork chop sandwich. They'll never know.

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                I am "everyone"! This is MY dinner I'll be making! I'd KNOW if the chop was missing! ;-D

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                  Salt and pepper the chop and pan fry it. In the pan cook the chopped onion, then make a gravy using a little butter, a little flour, and a little milk. Add the chop to the pan with the onion gravy and park it on low heat. Serve that over the potato that has been cooked and smashed.
                  Dice those veggies and blanch them.