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Mar 30, 2011 09:37 AM

Angel's Camp, Murphys, Copperopolis

Hi there. We're making the short drive from SF to this part of Gold Country for a golf outing. Looking for a few chowish places for breakfast and dinner. Already have Grounds in Murphys on the list for breakfast. If anyone has good prime rib or steaks, that would be great for one night. Also, any good cocktails around this area? Thanks!

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  1. We did a lot of Chowhound research for this area a few years ago when doing a Gold Country run and found little of merit and even less when we actually dined here -- so the best thing to do is go for the fun of the historic settings but not for any special cuisine. It is kind of meat and potatoes throw-back time up there. You will not go hungry but you will also not be begging for more. Maybe the past few years have brought some changes and that will be welcomed.

    Look forward to your trip report when you get back. We stayed that historic hotel in I believe Jamestown which was worth it, and went to that touted steak house also in town which as I said, was interesting for its historic setting and throw-back menu delivery. Bleh.

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      I totally agree. We stayed in Angels Camp for a week a couple years ago and its more about the history and experience then the cuisine. Although, the best culinary experience we had when on vacation in that area was at Columbia State Park, which is really an old true working old west town. We had sasparillas, sorry for the spelling... its an old fashioned "root beer" licorice flavored homemade soda. Great candy store with lots of awesome homemade treats, our favorite homemade marshmallows. And for drinks, well, again, the atmosphere there is great in the saloons they have in town- which I believe one there is one of the first saloons..

    2. My favorite place in Murphys is Mineral, but it's vegetarian so the opposite of what you are looking for. We've also had good meals at V and Alchemy, so I would look into those two.