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Mar 30, 2011 09:05 AM

Favorite Asheville Coffee Spots?


Thanks for all the great advice on my other threads! My husband, a former barista and total coffee snob (mean that in the best way possible) is curious what coffee shops we need to hit up while in Asheville this coming weekend.

Currently, we plan to hit up FireStorm Cafe (any vegan treats elsewhere?) and Dripolator. Others?


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  1. In my opinion (and many others whose coffee snobbery far exceeds my own), the best pour in town is Waking Life Espresso on Haywood in West Asheville.

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    1. re: jbaucom

      By far Waking Life. Best Cappuccino outside Italy. So good! World Coffee downtown has a really nice French Roast as well.

    2. You gotta have coffee in the Double Decker bus, just 'cause you can!

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      1. re: arbyunc

        I second the Double Decker. Great espresso. Don't forget to duck!

      2. NC Weekend (public TV show) did a segment on Asheville coffee houses 1/20/11. The segment can be seen here:

        1. Im dying to try the ginger mocha at Waking Life. I have heard its amazing!