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Mar 30, 2011 09:00 AM

Tapas in Stuart

My mother in law said that she was going out for tapas last night. The only place I found in her neck of the woods (we're in NY) was Tapas Latin Fusion in Stuart. Has anyone been there? If so, how is the food?

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  1. Have not been yet but the early reports are not very good.

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    1. re: cfisch

      Sorry to hear that. We had high hopes for our next visit. What have you heard?

      1. re: Maryld

        two people had been and were not impressed, we will be trying it in the next week and will report.

    2. Finally went in last week. Actually pretty goodespecially considering it is Stuart! This is not the most adverturous dining area. We sample a Paella which was good not great olives were very good and a third item I cannot remember at this time. Overallression was good. Certainly not a New York operation but than again it is Stuart!

      1. Coming in late on this - I went there last Mar/Apr when I visited relatives who live in Stuart. We had about 10 plates and the only one I really remember (because I really liked it) was the marrow. It was outstanding! I think there were a couple of others that we liked, but we had 2 additional plates of the marrow because we all thought it was so good. I'm headed back to Stuart in late January and I'm sure we'll make Tapas Latin Fusion a dinner destination one of the nights I'm there.