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Best Gingerbread Ever

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One of my all-time favorite cookbooks--Junior League's San Francisco a la Carte-- was drowned in a basement flood. It has an incomparable recipe for gingerbread I've never been able to duplicate. Anyone have a copy they can share?

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  1. I was searching for a good gingerbread recipe here on Chowhound, and came across this post. It doesn't seem as though washingrtoncook has posted since this, but it took me all of a minute or two to find this book on Amazon. Amazon's search feature even allowed me to find the specific recipe referred to, so I may give the recipe a shot.

    If anyone else has an amazing gingerbread recipe (for a pan-type cake, not for cookies), I'd be interested.

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      Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread (recipe on Epicurious) is officially the Best Gingerbread Ever.

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        Well, coincidentally, I just made the recipe from the Junior League cookbook this afternoon, but won't try it until tomorrow. If I like it, great; if not, maybe I'll give this one a whirl. Thanks.

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          It's my favorite! It gets even better a day or two after baking (if you can wait that long!)

        1. Though I know many love the Grammercy Tavern gingerbread, I like a simpler lighter version, very gingery, so I am enamored of Laurie Colwin's version form More Home Cooking, though I like good molasses in it, as well as adding black pepper and sometimes chunks of pear.

          1. Sheila Lukins' gingerbread is amazing - I have made it for years.