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Mar 30, 2011 08:40 AM

Wedding venue input - Canoe/Park Hyatt/RCM

Hello - my fiance and I have just started (!!) planning our October wedding and have placed holds at Canoe, the Park Hyatt and the Royal Conservatory. We will have about 120 people for cocktails, dinner and dancing (ceremony will be off site).

We are looking for a chic, urban vibe - we're a young couple and would like the space to reflect our personalities. I am leaning towards Canoe but my other half isn't as convinced. High quality food is very important to us.

Having never attended weddings at the above venues we'd love any input/suggestions.


Park Hyatt
Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA

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  1. Our wedding had a chic, urban vibe and was very reflective of our personalities so I know where you're coming from.

    In terms of the physical space, I'd go with the new Royal Conservatory. I was at a party there last fall and it's a spectacularly beautiful space - gorgeous floor to ceiling windows, in the middle of the city, different floors/zones, etc. Obviously, Canoe and Park Hyatt are well-versed in weddings (I've been to weddings at both), both are elegant spaces but for me, the Conservatory is the one that has that fresh, chic, urban vibe.

    I'm assuming that Canoe and Park Hyatt cater from their own kitchens. Does RCM have a list of approved caterers or are they open on this? If you have more catering options through RCM, then I would again prefer that - find a caterer who you can really work with and who will work with you to design a menu that reflects your personalities.

    Above all, do your best to not obsess or make yourselves crazy - too many people are so stressed out that they don't enjoy their own weddings, which is a big shame. Enjoy the process and once you get to the day of, let go of the planning and just take it all in. Congrats!

    Not sure if you're interested in any other suggestions but you might also consider some of the new boutique hotels opening up, The Brickworks or Art Barns (Wychwood).

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      Thanks for your reply! We'd certainly be open to other restaurants/hotels that might fit what we're looking for. I will look into the ones that you've listed.

      And thank you for the advice - very much appreciated :).

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        Was at an Oct Wedding at Palais Royale on the waterfront great venue free pkg Miranda

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          My niece is having her Sunday afternoon wedding at the Sutton Place Hotel in May,and she's one of the most chic,urban people I know :).I know it's not on your list but it might be worth checking out.

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      1. Thanks for all the suggestions! We are also thinking of checking out the Thompson - has anyone been to an event there?

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          I have done a corporate event at the Thompson with relative success but not my favourite place. The latest place I have booked and can't wait to see how the function goes is Malaparte which is the Oliver & Bonocini private space on the top floor of the TIFF Lightbox. It's the new hot venue, I love the decor inside. No need for furniture rentals...a fantastic long patio with views of the city and I thnk O&B is a fantastic caterer with lots of options and fresh interesting ideas. Just my two cents worth.

          Also I have used Victor Restaurant in the Le Germain Hotel Mercer St. with much success. They do an awesome job of "Taste of Canada" my clients seem to adore. It's very hip in there as well and close to parking/hotel rooms.

        2. Hi
          I too looked at canoe, ph and rcm and ended up at the park hyatt at the rooftop ballrom. Food was great, the view was amazing. I dealt with roberta who was very helpful and very responsive.
          We had < 100 ppl and it was very intimate. You should be able to fit 120 and still have a dance floor but id say at least 1 of those tables is going to have a crappy sightline to the head table.
          The ballroom on the mainfloor will hold 200-400+ ppl depending on how many walls they remove.

          Here's what i know about the other choices:
          Canoe - you're going to be able to fit 140 seated with no dancing or 110 with dancing. The floor plan is like an L shape. there is a food minimum that is dependent on day. Sat being the most $$$. there is no bar plan, all drinks are charged by consumption.

          RCM - i really liked the space and i had seen photos of another wedding there so i knew they did wedding but unfornately i could not get anyone there to return my calls or answer my questions. I got married nov 2010. All I could get is a pdf that i downloaded from their website.
          I know they have a couple of rooms/terraces but their best room is the biggest and most expensive and is intended for 200+. the space may seem too big for 120? 120 will fit on the 2nd level terrace.

          My question to you is: how much work/customization do you want? If you pick canoe or ph or any other resto/hotel, then you pick your menu. You can upgrade the linens, etc if you want but tables/chairs are what you'd normally get during regular dinner service. If you pick rcm then you have to pick your tables, chairs, forks, plates, knives, linens and everything else.

          1. Can anyone confirm the cost of RCM? There is nothing online, not even on their website, that I can find.

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              Good luck. Looks like the website has changed a bit but i did find this..


              For more information and to book your event, contact Kristin Campbell at or at 416.408.2824 x591. Performers, dates, and other details are subject to change.