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Mar 30, 2011 08:34 AM

Poor meal at Equus

I really don't usually trash a restaurant, but a week or so ago, I had such a poor meal that I decided it needed to be written about. The setting is gorgeous, but there is little parking so a valet is necessary. For lunch it adds an unneccessary not to mention costly addition to the meal.

So, I arrived and tried to get into the dining room, but before I could, I was asked to wait in one of the anti rooms. I was waiting for ten minutes and decided it was ridiculous and decided to leave. The Maitre d' saw me going and urged me to return. When I finally did get into the dining room, expecting a real crowd, there was a group of six people and myself.

I went a la carte as the menu had a dessert which I tend to avoid at lunch. The French onion soup was a pretty thing, the problem was that much of the prettiness derived from cold greasy onions on the top used as garnish. The soup stock, was excellent but there was too much bread and the result was after a few spoons, it became mush.

More problems with the main course. There were three elements to this and all were appalling. The skin on the chicken was burnt. The chef tried to hide this by carefully spooning greens over it. The white mess on the side was so watery that it was hard to identify. The greens had deposited a small pool of water, as if they had been inadequately drained. The chicken came back; I am not sure if it was the same piece or a new one. there was certainly missing skin on it. Either way, it was dry.

On the bright side, the service was excellent. But the food was really poor... Sad, given the setting.

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  1. This place is always trashed-- it gets 10 bad reviews to every good review... Can't understand how it persists, especially with those prices, you could go to the top restos in Westchester for those numbers...

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      I agree - don't understand the raves - I once stayed at the castle overnight on a NYEve - and enjoyed the party there with dinner - however, it was far from a quality meal. Even the breakfast the next morning was a disappointment.

      1. re: smilingal

        Yes, same experience. I was there for a business event and the food was wonderful - for a business meeting. When my husband and I went for our anniversary, it was really awful - but pretty!!

    2. I agree. I went for a special occasion, and was disappointed as well. Not going back.