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Mar 29, 2011 10:19 AM

Reviews of "Food Lovers' Guide to Brooklyn" by Sherri Eisenberg?

While it isn't exactly what I was looking for, I just picked up the "Food Lovers' Guide to Brooklyn" by Sherri Eisenberg.

I did a search here for reviews and comments but could find none (could it be her mild diss of this board? Surely not...). It is a lovely compact book that breaks down specialties and markets by neighborhood, and includes restaurant reviews, a few recipes, and a listing of food events.

Any thoughts on this book-- her inclusions, exclusions, reviews? Is some of it out of date already? (It was published in 2010, but given how fast things change...)

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  1. im fairly certain that even if the book/tv show is about a specific region, the mods prefer discussions take place on the food and media board, not the regional board referenced in the piece.

    that said, i havent checked it out but have a hard time believing a single person, in a single book, could be more powerful than the crowdsourced information on the interwebs.

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      Apologies, mods. This mention was in reference to my search for a food map of Brooklyn.; the book was the closest thing I could find.

      1. re: sinjawns

        No apologies necessary, this is the appropriate forum to discuss food related books.