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Mar 30, 2011 06:51 AM

U232 Hotel in Barcelona - looking for spots for all meals!

My family and I will be staying at the U232 Hotel for a couple of days. Looking for good breakfast, lunch and dinner spots near the hotel if anybody knows of any.

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  1. There's so much good food around the U232!
    Fonda Gaig (for elegant, traditional Catalan), La Taverna del Clinic (upscale raciones), Paco Meralgo (delicious tapas), Maitea Taberna (for Basque pintxos)
    Sauc isn't far away either.
    For b'fast, there will be corner cafes or maybe even a bakery nearby. If you went straight down to Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and turned left, you'd find Pastisseria Escriba at Gran Via 546. It is a well-known bakery with a nice cafe.

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      Just went to Maitea Taberna and loved it!! Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. I would be more specific on what type of places you are looking for: budget, ambience, type of food (Barcelona has a great variety of Catalan and Spanish cooking), ages of your children, etc. The hotel is located in a nice area and there will be cafes nearby for your morning breakfast, mostly breakfast pastries, coffee, hot chocolate etc. And there will be a restaurant here and there, otherwise, most fun eating places in the Eixample are toward the Rambla de Catalunya and Pg de Gracia.
      I would not go far for breakfast, but for other meals, a better approach is to have lunch at places near where you will be sight seeing. For evening meal, go have some fun and explore the old city, especially, Born/Ribera. The upper El Ravel have a lot of appeal for the hip and young. These areas area load with informal fun places to eat. No need to get stuck around your hotel.

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        <<most fun eating places in the Eixample are toward the Rambla de Catalunya and Pg de Gracia. >>
        Really? What fun eating places do you mean, in particular? Tapac24? Cinc Sentits?
        Thanks in advance for your reply.

        I do agree with you, PBSF, that there's no need to rush back to the hotel for every meal. There are other places to eat but the U232 really is in a great location for eating.

      2. Torontobelly, the restaurants that I suggested are popular names that often come up on this board, with the exception of Maitea Taberna. To know more about these places, you can search the forum by typing in the name. Here are some ideas of how close you are to the restaurants:
        Paco Meralgo - 500 metres (6 min by foot)
        La Taverna del Clinic - 300 metres (4 min by foot)
        Fonda Gaig - 400 metres (5 min by foot)
        Maitea Taberna - 400 metres (5 min by foot)

        One more idea for breakfast or snack, apart from the churros/hot chocolate places, is a horchateria. Here's one on the way to Placa Catalunya, La Valenciana.

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          One more place near U232, the Japanese-Spanish pastisseria OCHIAI, carrer de Comte Urgell (same street at the U232). The cakes and confections look very delicious. I believe it's open for breakfast too.

        2. In addition to all the restaurants already mentioned...if you have trouble finding something open on a Sunday (for us it was a Sunday in August, even more troublesome!), we had a great meal at the C/ Muntaner location of Sagardi (in the sit-down asador, as opposed to the pintxos bar in the front). It was only about a 10 minute walk from U232 as I recall (we stayed there as well).