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Paul bakery opening May 2nd! Penn Quarter

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Their bread could be really good, if they keep it fresh! Not sure if this will be table service or fast casual, but I'm assuming the latter. Could be a great addition to Penn Quarter and for those visiting that side of the Mall.

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  1. Hopefully the product will be similar to what you find at a Paul's in Paris...because I loved it there!

    1. Woohoo! More good news for DC!

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        Any updates?

        1. re: SimonF

          You haven't been? It's wonderful. Best baguette I can grab downtown (sorry Cowgirl).

          1. re: SimonF

            I haven't sampled any of the sweets, but I've enjoyed all of the sandwiches I've tried - yummy bread. The service can sometimes be chaotic, but overall it's been good.

        2. I went only once, but was very disappointed. We went for dessert, so I can't comment on the bread. The lemon pastry had no lemon flavor and tasted stale - They were kind enough to give us a chocolate one instead when we complained (a bit better, but not much). The macarons were large enough to miss the right texture.