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Mar 30, 2011 06:50 AM

Paul bakery opening May 2nd! Penn Quarter

Their bread could be really good, if they keep it fresh! Not sure if this will be table service or fast casual, but I'm assuming the latter. Could be a great addition to Penn Quarter and for those visiting that side of the Mall.

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  1. Hopefully the product will be similar to what you find at a Paul's in Paris...because I loved it there!

        1. re: SimonF

          You haven't been? It's wonderful. Best baguette I can grab downtown (sorry Cowgirl).

          1. re: SimonF

            I haven't sampled any of the sweets, but I've enjoyed all of the sandwiches I've tried - yummy bread. The service can sometimes be chaotic, but overall it's been good.

        2. I went only once, but was very disappointed. We went for dessert, so I can't comment on the bread. The lemon pastry had no lemon flavor and tasted stale - They were kind enough to give us a chocolate one instead when we complained (a bit better, but not much). The macarons were large enough to miss the right texture.

          1. I had breakfast at Paul the other day, heaven for breakfast. I appreciated that my tea came in a Great Big Pot, enough for three cups. Quiche was fine and the overkill pain raisin I enjoyed was also fine. BTW the new Paul opening on F Street is not yet open as of August 16 but inner furnishings are stacked up so can't be long.

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              My office moved last month to a block away from the new Paul and I am eagerly awaiting its opening, which has been taking a very long time (since July 2013). Hopefully soon!