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Mar 30, 2011 05:48 AM

Makoto in Bal Harbour

This is a nice addition to the Bal Harbour mall. We went last night which was opening night.
The intrerior is beautifully done, with very comfortable seating inside and out.
The food was all good, rolls, crab rice, jildori chicken etc but there was no WOW factor. Portions were on the small we ordered lots of different thing to try....again good, but no wow!
The service was suprisingly good for an opening night, they really have their act together.
Will we go back again, yes because it's in our neighborhood, and give it a few more tries.

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  1. dlgc>

    We are doing a Makoto and new Yakko San crawl. Glad there are two Japanese tapas spots close enough to do this. Yakko San moved to the IntraCoastal Mall...



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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      We did return last night with friends and the food sampled at our table was way better than our first visit. The large group at the table next to us ordered about a dozen items and were enjoying their meal. Lots of familiar faces there last night, the locals are giving it a try. Service remained solid and the management was all over, at every table checking to make sure everyone was pleased.

      1. re: dlgc

        The food is lovely but the service is out of Monty Python. Painfully long lunch with drinks arriving a minute before the check. Servers are scattered. Sushi and hot dishes as well as salads sampled were light and satisfying.