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Mar 30, 2011 05:34 AM

Anything decent near near Sick Kids hospital?

My eldest has been in since Monday and my husband and I are switching off. Is there anything decent and close? I'm getting awfully tired of their food court and packing from home isn't possible because we don't have the time.


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  1. For sure - closest / cheapest would be the food courts in TGH and Mars, just cross Gerrard by the Sick Kids ER entrance and go into the TGH via the huge revolving doors and straight down the long hallway to the food court to the left - lots of choice- Hero Burger, sushi, bagel, wing machine, etc. Or continue straight on down the hallway thru the doors with the big Mars logo into the food court there ... good shawarma, pastacceria, wok place, Tims, subway.
    A bit further afield is Kenzo Ramen noodles at Elizabeth and Dundas, Japango sushi at the same corner. Good luck.

    122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

    Kenzo Ramen
    6180 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2M, CA

    Hero Burgers
    100 Wellington W, Toronto, ON M5H3X7, CA

    1. Oh, so sorry to hear that. Not sure how far a radius you're comfortable with (i.e. how long you can comfortably be off-site) but Sage Cafe on McCaul, a few blocks north of Dundas is a cute little cafe with good food. You're also pretty close to restaurant row on Baldwin, Chinatown, Frank at the AGO, etc. I'll come up wth some more recs. Hope this is a short-term request...

      1. I'm going to assume you mean sit-down since take-out and run back to the hospital with it places obviously abound in that neighbourhood.

        There's a Mercatto around the corner in the MaRS building. Midi Bistro is over at McCaul & Elm.

        15 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, CA

        Midi Bistro
        168 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T1W4, CA

        1. You can walk down to Dundas, between Bay and University for lots of choices way better than the food courts. Lots of Asian, south Asian, and a Longo's Market.

          1. I think you've got some good recommendations from the other two responses. There is also a Mercatto in the east end of the MaRS building, at the Elizabeth street end. It has an entrance on College or via the interior. I know you said you are tired of food courts but I find the one in the MaRS building is a bit different from the one in TGH. Pumpernickel's usually has some decent bean salads and soups in addition to the sandwiches. I hope your son gets well soon!