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Mar 30, 2011 05:26 AM

Rick Lewis, RIP

I posted this a few days ago on the Wine Board and thought it might be of interest to Southern New England readers:

Got an email message from the Madison Wine Shop in Madison, CT. that its long-time owner, Rick Lewis passed away a few weeks ago. My wife and I used to make the 50 min. trip from southwestern Rhode Island to Madison quite often to go to the Madison Arts Cinema, usually on a Saturday afternoon. The wine store is right across the street and Rick was famous for his Saturday wine tastings. He always had at least 6 bottles open and whether there was one customer or half a dozen, he would give generous pours and expound on each wine. There was absolutely no pressure to buy, but there was always one or more outstanding values and I usually left with at least 3 bottles.

Rick was passionate about wine and very opinionated. He despised Robert Parker and his point system and he hated overly oaked wines. He could be irascible at times, but he was not a snob--he'd be as enthusiastic about a $6.00 bottle as one 5 times the price. The store's web site: is one of the better ones around and the twice-a-year editorial newsletter is really fun to read.

We don't get over there much anymore since we see now most of our indy and foreign films much closer to home, but I'll always remember the Saturday tastings at MWS. Would love to hear stories from other customers of Rick Lewis.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I as well have enjoyed many Saturday's with Rick helping us find the perfect wine to take to dinner at Perfect Party's now Elizabeths. It was Rick who truly introduced to me to wine and created my palate. I will miss him but treasure the great moments through the years.

    1. Oh, how he'll be missed. I was just talking about the MWS yesterday with my mil who remembered pushing my daughter (now 15) in a stroller while the rest of us tasted and shopped. Rick turned us on to so many lesser known wines and regions over the years. Saturday afternoon outings (also from sw RI) to MWS and RJ Julia bookstore were always a treat.