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Mar 30, 2011 05:16 AM

Can one do rijstaffel with a shellfish allergy?(Amsterdam)

We are meeting up with friends during an upcoming trip to Amsterdam and while we will be with a group for a couple days, we thought it could be a good idea to try rijstaffel. However, I am concerned because of my shellfish allergy. I can avoid dishes overtly containing shellfish, but I am worried that some dishes might have sauces or condiments containing it (as happened to me once in a Chinese restaurant, not an experience I'd like to repeat). Will there be a lot of veg or meat options in the rijstaffel that I will be able to eat, or should I just skip it? Thanks!

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  1. Hi Kat, Depends on the quality of the restaurant. If you go to restaurant blue pepper (new indonesian cuisine see and explain it to the chef I'n sure it will be no problem. Regards Hans

    1. If you have a serious shellfish allergy it's best that you avoid it due to cross-contaminants. There might be things that don't overtly contain shellfish, but it's been worked with in the kitchen and no guarantees can be made. And I should mention quickly that if you've had even a minor reaction, a major one could be the next one. Best to stay away from this one.

      1. I don't think we'd have the budget for Blue Pepper, so probably would have gone somewhere less expensive. Too bad, but I think I'll probably skip it. Thanks!

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          Blauw is less expensive, less exciting but still very good: