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Mar 30, 2011 04:27 AM

does chunky tomato sauce make noddle such as spghetti dificult to be coated reddishily than finely pureed tomato sauce does???

hey! would hand-blendered tomato sauce make the pasta to be coated brightly reddish?
i use stanislaus alta cucina whole tomato #10.
i think the pasta surface was very brightly coated when cooked in the past.
but this time i made the sauce a bit chunkier.
what do you think?

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  1. usually, the smoother sauces go with finer pastas, in my experience. as to your specific question, the chunkier sauce will not as evenly "coat" the pasta, and thus may appear less "brightly red."
    p.s. it seems like you must have gotten all your lobster & lobster bisque issues sorted out? ;-).

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      Of course you could have the best of both worlds and have a hybrid sauce, which is the way we prefer it, meat sauces etc. tend to be the same way.

      1. re: alkapal

        i moved from cooking lobster. i instead find the medium or big shirimp more tasty and umami when seasoned properly.
        i think lobster taste a bit "gamey" for me. but, LOL, i have never had any game untill now for real.

        1. re: hae young

          alrighty! a shrimp convert! welcome to the club, man!

      2. I think generally speaking, yes - but it probably depends on how thick the sauce is as well. For example, a thin fine sauce would be less reddish than a thick chunky sauce.

        1. Also, if you slightly undercook the pasta and then put the pasta into the sauce to finish cooking, you will find that the sauce will coat the pasta very well.

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            this is the way the italians and good cooks everywhere do it, hae young.