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Mar 29, 2011 09:13 PM

Sake on Church Avenue - Kensington

Was pleasantly surprised with the comfort, ambience and quality at SAKE, recently opened sushi/Japanese on Church Avenue and East 4th Street in Kensington, a neighborhood and thoroughfare often overlooked because of its surfeit of 99-cent stores and nail salons, while lacking credible chowish places.

The Sake folks gutted a hideous corner fruitstand and rebuilt into a serviceable, attractive foodspace. Ordering very simply tonight - a vegetable tempura appetizer contained at least seven pieces, all different, decent sauce. Then a couple of maki rolls - tuna/avocado and salmon/avocado. Six-piece beauties with avocado at peak ripeness and glistening fresh fish, wrapped thinly with rice. The nicely-marbled salmon was especially well-served by the inside/out rice ratio, and a dip in the deep colored and flavored table soy sauce.

With current BYOB and 10%-off coupon conditions, Sake is a boost for Church Avenue dining. Sadly, the upstart Basmati Indian place just shuttered, but competition from other, highly-authentic Bangladeshi-Pakistani steam tables, sweets and grills in the 'hood is so severe.

Sake has a lock on sushi for now, and it could mean one fewer trip every week to Park Slope. Imagine the Windsor and Slope folks starting to drift Kensington's is, after all, only a couple stops on the "F" or "G" and parking is way easier.

Sake Sushi
328 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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  1. Finally tried Sake, I was equally impressed! So happy to have this place within walking distance...pretty sure it's not just "good sushi for the neighborhood," but good sushi, period. Thanks for the tip, I'd been reluctant to try it, but am very glad I did!