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Mar 29, 2011 09:04 PM

First Time Posting - Looking for Great Food in Harpers Ferry

I am looking for great food - breakfast, lunch and dinner in Harpers Ferry WV. Any and all information is appreciated. This website was recommended by a friend and it looks fantastic. So glad to be jumping into this pond. Thanks.

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  1. kogrosky, try posting in the regional section for your area - you should get some results there. Hope you find some good places to go - and welcome to the site. There are a lot of great conversations here.

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      This Mid-Atlantic board is actually the correct place for this post.

    2. I too am looking for a place for dinner in Harper's Ferry or neighboring toes. A group of Washingtonians are headed to the area for a birthday excursion of tubing and wanted to finish it off with a fun dinner at a festive place. It doesn't look like there are too many options based on the limited threads devoted to discussing it.

      Doesn't anyone have any ideas???

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        In Harpers Ferry itself (the historical district) there are not many good dining choices. If you drive up the street and go towards Bolivar, the Anvil Restaurant is on your right. Some people have said the Hilltop Hotel, also off of that main street is good, though I've never been. In Charles Town on the main street, W Washington, there is a very good restaurant called Dish that trys to use local and organic as much as possible. On the same street there is a decent coffee shop Jammin Java and there is another restaurant across the street, though I've never been. In the casino at Charles Town Race Track (Hollywood Casino) they have opened what appears to be a fine dining steak house. The menu looks great, though a bit pricey. There are the usual Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays etc in the area too.

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          You are also pretty close to Shepherdstown, WV, which has a few nice restaurants. Do a search on here for some dining threads about eating there.

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            The Anvil Restaurant or Secret Six Tavern are your best bets in around Harpers Ferry (the Hilltop House has been closed for a few years now). There are better restaurants in Charles Town - Dish (local and organic) and DiMellagado (Mexican) might be able to handle a group. Shepherdstown has several restaurants and a wider range - Blue Moon Cafe is casual and has outdoor seating, the Yorkshire Pub and Stone Soup Bistro might work, also. Check the Shepherdstown Visitors Center website for a list of dining options.

            Blue Moon Cafe
            200 E High, Shepherdstown, WV 25443

            Stone Soup Bistro
            112 W German St, Shepherdstown, WV 25443

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              Thanks, Princsoreo and Thomas. I actually started looking in Leesburg too and it looks like there are also some good options there. I'll let you know what we decide.

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                I recently did a weekend away in Leesburg. I'd think it'd be a bit of a hike from Harpers Ferry, but it does have some nice dining options.

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                  Thanks again, everyone for the recs. We ended up at Magnolia in Purceville based on a friend's suggestion and it did not disappoint. Great patio and wide variety of comfort foods. I really enjoyed the fried green tomato and goat cheese. The desserts were a a little heavy but that is really my only complaint. Because we were celebrating birthdays, they actually printed the names of the birthday boy and girl on their menus which was a nice touch. It is about 30 mins from Harpers Ferry and 15 mins from Leesburg, but a perfect way to end a day in wine country or on the river as a stop in Purceville gets you part way back to DC.