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Mar 29, 2011 07:03 PM

Fries with yukon potatoes

I love the wonderful sweet taste of yukon potatoes, and for some reason, it is super difficult to find! Does anyone know where I can find places that serve yukon fries? I'd love a yukon potatoe poutine..yumm.... Thanks!!

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  1. In stores yukons are pretty easy to find. In restaurants not so much. Yukons are somewhat higher in starch which makes them good for frying as long as the cook knows how to handle them otherwise they fall apart. I find that most restaurants that serve fresh cut french fries will use low-starch (waxy) probably because they hold together easier. Personally I hate french fries from waxy potatoes and I actually prefer the texture of McD's french fries above others since they use russets.

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      Nevada fruit store on Pierrefonds Blvd has some