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I'm in love with Tahini Sauce

It's already made with tahini, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil and comes from Trader Joes. It's the sauce I couldn't find for my falafels but now I have. What else can I use it for. Can I make a salad dressing? What else might it be good for? I'm wandering past the frig just to have a little spoonful and that certainly has to stop. Help!

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  1. You can use it to make hummus or baba ghanoush.

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      Thanks for that. I'm looking for dishes outside of the ordinary...maybe not even Middle Eastern.

    2. Definitely salad dressing. You could add a bit to sauteed vegetables, use it as a sauce for grilled meats, stir it into pasta/pasta salad, etc. I'm making a note to look for it the next time I go to TJs!

      1. Saw a recipe where tahini is spooned over roasted cauliflower.

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          That had quite a few fans on chowhound when it first popped up.

          Also, I know a few people who swear by the use of use a tablespoon or two of tahini in chili and such. You could also use the sauce as a condiment in grilled cheese sandwiches, especially with sliced tomato.

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            i've been doing tahini-roasted cauliflower for years, and recommended it here on CH several times. it actually works great on a variety of vegetables.

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                I love chicken thighs but can't quite imagine what that dish will taste like, but definitely will be trying it. Thanks.

              2. It's awfully good over any kind of grilled beef or lamb. It's heavenly with those brown crunchy bits on the edges of the meat.

                It's easy to just make your own with a jar of tahini. Stir it up good, add some garlic, fresh parsley, some water, then after it seizes up when you stir it, add lemon juice. It smooths out and gets velvety and rich.

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                  I had steak last night and didn't even think of using it. Thanks. I know I can make it myself, but I've never been able to match the flavor of this one--it's my once a week treat!

                2. I use it for non-authentic Japanese goma sauce. Mix it up with some sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, mirin, sweetener (I use agave nectar because it's easy to incorporate) until it's a taste and consistency you like.

                  1. I adore tahini-recently started buying jars to make stuff at home. I'm not in love with the calories ;-(

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                      It's very fatty BUT has its place....personally I prefer tzatziki on my falafels, not the tahini.

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                          Given the calorie count, I wish I did too. But if I'm going to have falafel it's tahini sauce all the way.

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                            how about a compromise? i sometimes lighten it up by mixing tahini with yogurt.

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                              hee hee...I wasn't saying "ick" on escondido's "yum" ...I was just replying to monavano...but it's all good...why not combine? good idea!

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                                Oh yes, I mix it with 0% yogurt which still gives a full flavor and creaminess but definitely cuts the calories. Definitely my favorite with the chickpea pancakes I've grown so fond of.

                        2. What brand(s) do you like best? Does anyone know if there's a big difference among brands?

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                            jessin, I used to buy Joyva...but the price sky-rocketed to $7.49 per can at Publix...so now I buy sesame paste at my local Asian food store for $3.99 for 16 ounces, the brand is "Oriental Mascot"...ingredients: sesame seeds, sesame oil, seasonings." Works for me and I'm so sorry, $7.49 is outrageous. Hopefully, others will have some good suggestions!

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                              There is another thread on tahini. I'm talking about Tahini Sauce from Trader Joes that includes lemon juice, garlic, water and salt. I've had such bad luck making my own--don't know why it shouldn't be that hard--that when I found this all made I was delighted.

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                                Wish we had TJ's here in SWFL but we don't...thanks escondido!

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                                  I have never purchased Tahini sauce. It is very easy to make. I just throw in the ingredients to taste. It there something else in the T.J.'s sauce that makes it especially good? Can you de-construct it? It it really lemony?

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                                    No I don't think so. That seizing up of the tahini has always thrown be for a loop, but now that I know that I can use the food processor I may be able to create my own. Will try.

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                                      Just put in the lemon juice last, and it will un-seize very nicely.

                              2. You can use that sauce as a base for salad dressing and pasta sauce (i.e. sesame noodles). You can also use it as the base for tuna salad... in general it would be good with baked white fish.

                                1. I once made the yummiest sauce ever... it had genmai miso and most of the ingredients you mentioned above. It might have had some plain yogurt too. I got it smooth in my little blender (rather than adding water to soften the miso). I cooked up a quick kusherie, topped it with roasted root vegetables, and then poured the sauce on top. It was AWESOME.