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Mar 29, 2011 05:06 PM

Cote de nuits wineries open to public

I will be driving through the Cote de nuits (between Dijon and Beaune) on 4/25. Are there any wineries that are worth a stop and offer tastings to the public?

I have asked several famous producers for tastings and was denied.

I recognize that Easter Monday is a holiday, and that many wineries may be closed. I am asking for recs of good producers that offer pulblic tastings. I can hunt down whether they are open on this holiday.

Thank you.

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  1. I'd start here: (apologies if you've already found that) -- if you don't find anything through the website, send them an email -- most offices of tourism will bend over backwards to help you, and an awful lot of the offices have people who speak and write anywhere from passable to fluent English.

    It's going to be a little bit tough, just because of the trifecta of Easter (public holiday), Monday (rural France is usually closed on Mondays) and the fact that ALL of the public schools (and thus most of the private schools) are on Easter break.

    Here's a pretty extensive list of producers (most with links to the individual websites):

    and the site of the official Burgundy association: (in English:


    Barring any of that, you can always try the "France profonde" method -- get off the highway and drive along a wine route and see who has a "degustation" or "vin a vendre" (tasting or 'wine for sale') sign stuck up at the end of their driveway. We've actually found some of our favorite producers by doing this.

    Best of luck.

    1. You might do better for this question in the wine thread, but I can give you some definite advice.

      If you want to taste at most wineries in Cote d'Or, you will need a recommendation from a distributor. If you are in US, I suggest you speak with the wine merchant you frequent most often and ask for their help. That's the only way to get to the distributors, but it definitely can be done.

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        While you'll never get in to taste with some vintners (e.g. DRC) there are plenty of excellent producers you can visit by appointment. Quite a few have websites and you can request a reservation by web or email. Some Places are open to a drop in and are well signed as someone else indicated. If it is your first time in the area, think about trying somewhere like DeForrest in Vougeot. They are a wine shop the will let you do a tasting for a fee or waive it if you are buying. If you're willing to go to the upper Cote de Beaune there are 4-5 places regularly open in Aloxe-Corton.

      2. Like everything it is supply and demand. if your wines sell out at high prices you don't need to run a cellar door and will only welcome your best clients to visit you. There are, however, lots of great wineries that are worth visiting and half the fun is to meander around the region and explore.